Previous Alumnus/Alumna of Distinction Recipients

Awarded since 1954 to a graduate who has distinguished himself/herself in service to the whole church and/or world; has characterized or exemplified the spiritual, academic and moral growth as presented in the University’s Mission and Vision Statement; and has displayed loyalty and interested concern for the University of Dubuque and its future.

Richard Aborn     C’74
Keith Ackman   C’50
Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston   C’78
Bobbi M. Alpers   C'73
Dr. Ruben Austin   C’36
Dr. Lee Beck   C’65
Susan Bellinger   C’59
Dr. Richard Biek   C’53
Edgar Boell   C’29
Dr. Mark Brodersen   C’71
Dr. Charles Chakerian   C’24
Dr. Lee Wook Chang   C’25
Dr. Homer Conzett   C’42
Dennis Dammerman   C’67
Tony Danza   C’72
Arline Dieterich   C’41
Joseph Duke   C’20
Capt. Duane “Dewey” Feuerhelm    C’56
Harold “Hal” Fisher   C’49
Gilbert Forbes   in memoriam
Dr. Dexter French   C’38
Dr. Herbert Gearhart   C’51
Dr. David Gelzer   C’42, S’43
William Grings   C’42
Dr. Silas G. Kessler   C’32, S’34
Dr. Paul Laube   C’32
Dr. Robert MacAskill   C’43
J. Bruce Meriwether   C’60
Dr. Duane Meyer   C’50
Dr. Joe Mihelic   C’32
Dr. Laura (Palmer) Noone   C’80
Oliver Ohmann   C’22
Hsuan Owyang   C’50
Clarence “Pete” Peterson   C’21
Dr. William Petersen   C’26
Edward Pike   C’55
Col. James Riddick   C’91
Dr. Roderick Riggs   C’55
Dr. Duane Rumbaugh   C’50
Dr. Ethelda Norberg Sassenrath   C’42
Dr. Wilfred Sawyier   C’45
James Schneck   C’64
Dr. Robert R. Schwaegler   C’56
Lois (Schneider) Selmar   C’52
Dr. Gene Siekmann   C’35, S’53, D.D.’61
George Sisler   C’19
Gerald Smith   C’42, C’70
Walter Soboleff   C’37, S’40
Dr. Alvin Straatmeyer   C’54
William J. Svrluga   C’66
Donald Swain   C’53
Elizabeth (Betty) Takes    C'79
William Troxell   C’38
Charles Tyrrell   C’36, S’37
Dr. Donovan Ward   C’27