Previous Professional Achievement Award Recipients

Awarded since 1994 to a graduate within 15 years who has demonstrated a clear commitment to excellence in his/her career. To be considered for this award, the alumnus/alumna will have significant accomplishments in business or professional life as well as recognition, achievement and leadership that reflect positively on the University’s mission.

Brett K. Bacon    C'69
Colleen (Birdnow) Brown     C'79
Dale L. Brubaker   C'43
Dr. James Davis   C'60
Ardyth (Weinbender) Diercks   C'76
Patricia Franzen   C'68
Thaddeus Foucher    C'78
Lynn B. Fuller    C'71
Jane L. Hammond   C'50
Kent E. Hatteberg   C'77
Fredric Hayes   C'58
Dr. Henry Hector, III   C'61
Marion (Sessler) Hoffman   C'55
Dr. Carol "Cookie" (Spenser) Kuhle      C'68
Joseph Lawrence   C'50
Marvin O'Hare   C'55
Gary Olsen   C'70
Celina E.M. Peerman   C92
Dr. Thomas Rosenquist   C'64
Dr. Susan Senft   C'75
Robert Shaffer   C'75
Thomas Somerville   C'55
Juris Terauds   C'61
M. Donald Thomas   C'48
Mary (Usui) Toma   C'49
Graham "Scotty" Turnbull   C'56
Robert Van Iten   C'59
Rick Wallace    C'81
Kirk Wolfinger   C'75