Previous Manning Award Winners

Awarded since 1972, the Herbert E. Manning, Jr. Distinctive Service Awards recognize UDTS alumni/alumnae who demonstrate exceptional contributions in Christian ministry. Recipients model servant leadership, courageous convictions, a spirit of witness and a faithful obedience as they contribute significantly to the Church universal, the Seminary and all of God’s people.

Dr. Robert N. Allen **     C'42, S'45
Rev. Dee M. Anderson *   C'82, S'85
Rev. George W. Bishop *   C'48, S'52
Dr. Robert R. Boehlke **   C'50, S'53
Rev. Durwood A. Busse **   C'52, S'55
Dr. James A. Campbell   S’73 S'81
Dr. Elmer M. Colyer **   S’85
Dr. Cecil Corbett **   S’62
Rev. Emerson E. Eggerichs   MDiv'76
Dr. Frank M. Elliott   S’57 S'76
Rev. Saleem H. Ghubril **   S’91
Dr. Donald E. Gowan   S’57
Dr. Mearle L. Griffith **   S’79
Rev. Henry P. Guinotte **   S’56
Dr. Murray L. Hanson *   S’73, S’80, Dmin’80
Dr. H. Gene Harbaugh   S’62
Rev. Warren M. Hoffman   C'55, S'58
Rev. Curtis Karns **   S’84
Dr. Silas G. Kessler   C’32, S’34
Dr. Charles E. Klink *   S’78
Dr. William R. Klink *   S’73
Dr. R. Steven Kruege *   S’71, S’80, Dmin’80
Rev. Laury W. Larson *   S’74
Dr. Coy C. Lee   S’51
Dr. Kenneth H. McCullen *   C’60, S’63 
Rev. Heidi McGinness **   S’89
Dr. Gerald J. Middents **   S’60 
Rev. Paul G. Moon **    S’62 
Rev. Howard N. Orcutt **    C’30, S’33 
Rev. Gwyneth E. Osuch *   S’70
Rev. Donald D. Patterson **   C’78, S’80
Dr. George H. Pike   S’57  
Rev. Philip A. Prasad **    S’61 
Dr. Louis J. Prues **   S’75 
Rev. Duane C. Queen *   S’69 
Dr. Clarence C. Richardson *   S’38 
Rev. Guy F. Rondell   S’56
Dr. Wanis A. Semaan **   S’61
Rev. Richard “Skip” Shaffer **   S’88, Dmin’01
Rev. Paul R. Skelley   C’65, S’69
Dr. Richard H. Skelley *   C’61, S’63
Rev. Paul F. Soderquist **   S’80
Rev. James L. Stewart *   S’86
Rev. Elizabeth H. Goss Stilwell **    S’81
Dr. H. Gene Straatmeyer **   C’56, S’59
Rev. John E. Sumwal *   S’78
Rev. George H. Swalve   C’43, S’46 S'71
Rev. William E. Taylor *   S’69
Dr. Lloyd P. Terrell *   S’83
Rev. Teri Thomas **   S’77
Rev. George K. Tjaden *   C’41, S’44
Dr. Reuben J. Tjaden   C’40, S’42
Dr. John B. Toay   S’56
Dr. Barry M. Walker **   S’65
Rev. B.J. Weber **   S'78
Rev. Steven E. Wirth *   C'75, S'78
Rev. Cathy F. Young *   S'89
Dr. Mark E. Yurs *   S'82 S'88
* Denotes Parish Ministry Award  
** Denotes Specialized Ministry Award