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Homecoming and Reunion Preview

Plans are well underway for our 50th Class Reunion during Homecoming Weekend (October 19-22, 2017). And we want to see you there! Our goal is to get as many of our classmates together as possible and have the opportunity to visit, reminisce, and celebrate. Not only will we have the opportunity to gather as a class, but with all of our fellow Spartans from surrounding class years -- a true UD celebration like we used to have - and yes - it's going to be held in Peter's Commons! So make plans to attend the party on Friday, October 20th. Invitation and more information to come. 

Make plans to join us for these special Homecoming Events

Friday, October 20th
Alumni Reunion Celebration - Recognizing the Class of 1967
Tony Danza will be performing Standards and Stories at Heritage Center 

Saturday, October 21st
Alumni Awards & Recognition Ceremony
Football Game: UD Spartans vs. Simpson Storm
Spartan Nation Reunion

If you have questions regarding the Reunion Celebration, please contact one of the C'67 committee members listed below.

C'67 Reunion Committee Members 

Name E-mail
Ed Sudlow
Robert Eich
Jim Farber
Bob/Judy (Greer) Glenn 
Linda (Mentz) Templeman
Lenny Weih
Riho Liivamaa
Jim Martin
Rita (McConnell) Talchik
Orrin Merritt
Judy (Whiteside) Doughty
Bruce/Dianne (Peterson) Rogers
Dorothy (Dauscher) Skelley
Sally Hancock
Roy Wicklund
Dick Franzen
Jay Harmon
Judi (Storm) Crandall 

Who's Coming Back? Check it out...

First  Last Name Maiden Name Class Year
John Adams   1966
Pam Adams Allderdice 1966
Rick Anderson   1966
Chestina Archibald Mitchell 1967
Joy Barnett Wiederkehr 1959
Kathryn Bausch Oswald Starling 1967
Sue Beauregard Durr 1966
Bob Bessert   1970
Ron Bradac   1967
Jim Breed   1966
Monika Breed   1968
Nancy Breitzmann Black 1967
Mark Brodersen   1971
Bill Burnette   1970
Bob Burnette   1973
Patty Burnette Reis 1973
Rick Carney   1969
Joseph Chlapaty   1968
Paul  Clayton   1968
John Couchman   1969
Peggy Couchman   1970
Judy Crandall Storm 1967
Bill Crandall   1968
Charles DeFarkas   1966
Gretchen Dempsey Siekmann  1971
Darryl Discher   1970
Judy Doughty Whiteside 1967
Don Doughty   1966
Bruce Elliot   1967
Jim Farber   1967
Royce Farmer   1968
Kathy  Farmer Haselton 1968
Larry First   1967
Devon Foley Welch 1969
Jim Fox   1962
Dick Franzen   1967
Pat Franzen Wild 1968
Judy Glenn Greer 1967
Bob Glenn   1967
Sally Hancock   1967
Jerry Hangartner   1962
Judy Hangartner Luke 1962
Jay Harmon   1967
Constance Harr Bartlett 1967
Robert Harr   1967
Rich Heinisch   1968
Sue Hibbs Olson 1968
Ozell Hudson   1969 
Glenna  Jackson  Pennistona 1967 
Frank Jeffers   1973
Don  Johnson   1967
Kathy Jones Jones 1966
George Justice   1967 
Wayne Krabbenhoft   1967 
Jan Lombardi   1972
Joann Lombardi Hartman 1974
Jim Martin   1967 
Orrin Merritt   1967 
Chuck Moody   1968 
Ann Moody Breckenfelder 1971 
Mike Nash   1970 
Steve Nash   1971 
Bob Noth   1965
Susan Noth Hancock 1964
Kathleen O'Rielly Pierre  1967 
Russ Payne   1967 
Jack Preiss   1972 
Suzanne Preiss   1972
David Proudfoot   1973
Dottie Rathje Reiter 1959
Sharon Reid McManigle 1962
Bonnie Reina Clupper 1968 
Bruce Rogers   1967 
Dianne Rogers Peterson 1967 
Obie Saddler   1967 
David  Sage   1964
Diane Sage Sayers 1965
Barbara Schiers Brenke 1967
William Schlobohm   1956
Victoria Schnittjer Gibbs 1967
George Schwenger   1969 
Joyce  Sedlacek  Jonhston 1967 
Leon Sonksen   1952
Mary Sperduto Bulman 1967
Ted Sperduto   1968 
Donna Stout Johnson 1967
Ed Sudlow   1967 
Nancy Sudlow  Doyle 1968
Richard Svrluga   1971
Bill Svrluga   1966 
Rita Talchik McConnell 1967 
Linda Templeman Mentz 1967 
Larry Tooker   1969 
Nancy Tooker Rogers 1968 
John Turner   1967 
Paula Valle Siekmann Tate 1970
Jim Watt   1966 
Maryann Webb Medford 1969
Bob Webb   1969
Lenny Weih   1967 
Roy Wicklund   1968 
Cynthia Wirth Close 1952
Jack Wirth   1952
Dan Yokas   1967 

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