Edward Gau

Contributor | Hall of Distinction

Edward Gau - HOF‌When Edward Gau was a boy, UD Coach Jon Davison named him the team’s “ball boy.” Ever since then, Gau’s commitment to University athletics has been undeniable through his countless hours volunteering as a referee, score keeper, and coach. Most notably, Gau assisted Davison in the 1980s and 1990s when the Men’s Basketball team won three conference championships. In 2011, Gau served as Head Golf Coach alongside Davison. It was during this season that Anita Davison was ill. Gau ensured that the team made it to every away meet, and he guided them to second place in the first half of IIAC Tournament.

Gau, owner of Donut Boy in Dubuque, has long provided financial assistance to athletic programs as well as donuts for fundraising events. He assists athletes in securing employing during their time as students and after graduate. Additionally, Gau has served for over 30 years as a high school official for boys and girls basketball as well as girls softball. He also officiates local, regional, and state tournament games in basketball and softball.