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Go Green

Thanks to the library's ongoing "Go Green" initiative, paper use in the library decreased by about 25% in 2 years. How can you help improve our numbers even more?

How can I help?

1. Read on the computer screen rather than printing.
2. If you must print, use the CANON printers in the library, which automatically double-side. Faculty accept assignments printed this way, so don't worry!
3. Print PowerPoint slides multiple per page. Don't know how? Just ask!
4. Go paperless for class assignments by using UDOnline/ (Moodle) for assignment submission.
5. Always 'print preview' to make sure you're only printing pages you need.
6. If you print something long by mistake, ask a librarian to cancel your print right away.
7. Place unwanted copies in the trays provided near library printers. This paper is reused in offices for printing on the other side.
8. Scan instead of photocopying. There are 4 library scanners available for student use and instructions are posted next to each. It's free to scan and if necessary you can print using your print account.

We're sure you've already noticed, but the library's 1st-floor computers (near the coffee shop) print double-sided. Need to print single-sided or need help? Just ask at the Reference or Circulation Desk.

Additional Information
Campus Sustainability Library Resources  

Have other ideas? Contact the Library Green Team: Anne Marie Gruber, Diana Newman, and Jaimie Shaffer.