Alumni Makes $10 Million Gift to University of Dubuque

May 9, 2013 | Kristi Lynch

President Jeffrey F. Bullock today announced a $10 million gift to the University of Dubuque.  The multi-million dollar estate gift, designated for student scholarships and the endowment of Heritage Center was made by a university alumni couple who prefer to remain anonymous. 

“Our lives have been blessed in many ways,” commented the alumni donors.  “We met at the University of Dubuque and were married after graduating in 1972.  Success in life and business has given us the privilege of 'giving back' in a way that will support future business and music students for generations to come.  Thank you UD for a great foundation!”

The donor’s provisions for this generous gift are two-fold.  The first $5 million of the gift is designated for student scholarships in the music and business programs.  The second $5 million of the gift is to be used for each of three areas: performing arts scholarships, and the endowment for program support and perpetual maintenance of the University’s new Heritage Center. 

In accepting this pivotal gift, President Bullock commented, “I am grateful to our alumni donors who have made this significant investment in the University and its students.  This kind of transformatory gift will contribute to students’ lives and help to shape the future development of this place.  Gifts such as this are mile markers on the University’s journey to becoming the kind of institution our Mission calls us to be.”