UD Appoints Academic Chairs

Nov 22, 2013 | Kristi Lynch

This fall, the University of Dubuque appointed Dr. Roseanne Wolf to the Hazel Rothlisberger Chair in Mathematics, and Dr. Adam Hoffman has been appointed to the Dorothy Taylor Chair in Chemistry.


These appointments result from a 2011 gift from Joseph and Linda Chlapaty of over $6 million in funding to support the establishment of endowed academic chairs for the undergraduate college in chemistry, mathematics, and economics, and for the seminary in church renewal.


The Dorothy Taylor Chair in Chemistry recognizes the importance of chemistry in the undergraduate learning experience and promotes the vibrant and rigorous study of chemistry. The chair was named for Dorothy Taylor who taught physics at UD for 35 years, was awarded four National Science Foundation grants during her tenure, and was named professor emerita upon her retirement in 1977.


Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Adam Hoffman has served the University of Dubuque for more than five years.  In addition to teaching campus courses in both chemistry and environmental science, he has led Environmental Field Study Courses on Sustainability in Sweden and the Boundary Waters and Sylvania Wilderness.  Additionally, Hoffman serves as director of the Chlapaty Summer Fellowship Program, as faculty advisor for the Web of Life Student Organization, and as a summer UD for KIDS instructor.


As the Dorothy Taylor Chair in Chemistry, Hoffman has used funding to aid current student research projects in partnership with the City of Dubuque, IBM, and the Dubuque Municipal Area Solid Waste Agency.


“I am very excited to have the opportunity to increase the ability of our students here to do meaningful research thorough the award of the Dorothy Taylor Chair in Chemistry,” commented Hoffman.  “The challenge to achieve a sliver of what Dr. Taylor accomplished during her time at UD is a great motivator.”


The Hazel Rothlisberger Chair in Mathematics acknowledges the significance of the study of mathematics and the development of competencies across a range of aspects in this field which is a keystone of excellence across various disciplines.  Hazel Rothlisberger taught mathematics at UD for 33 years, helped train Naval officer candidates during World War II V-12 program on campus, was awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship in mathematics at Iowa State University, and was named professor emerita in 1976 and continued teaching undergraduates.


Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Roseanne Wolf is in her second year of service at the University of Dubuque.  She teaches a variety of courses, including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and differential equations.  Wolf also serves as an instructor in the UD for KIDS summer program. 


Wolf plans to use Hazel Rothlisberger chair monies to collaborate with researchers at major universities, in particular to study applications of mathematics to the cardiovascular system.


“I am grateful for the opportunity provided through the Hazel Rothlisberger Chair in Mathematics to increase visibility of mathematical research opportunities at UD,” said Wolf. “It is my hope to carry on Ms. Rothlisberger’s tradition at UD of inspiring students in their love of mathematics and serving in careers that are math-related.”