Celebrating the 2016 UD Grads

May 13, 2016 | Stacey Ortman

DUBUQUE, Iowa – Congratulations Spartan Nation!

University of Dubuque will celebrate with family and friends the dedication, perseverance, and accomplishments of more than 400 undergraduate, graduate, and seminary students at its 164th Commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 14.

In honor of this momentous milestone, UD featured the stories some of the graduates:

Brianna Caldwell – A legacy student with a family tradition of attending UD that spans nearly 100 years. Click here to read Caldwell’s story.

Jessie Kirkwood – A basketball player who was diagnosed with spina bifida myelomeningocele at birth and overcame near constant pain while at UD. Click here to read Kirkwood’s story.

Teri and Paxtyn Keleher – A mother-daughter duo who will graduate from UD together. Click here to read their story.

Rabea Muneer Ali and Razan Murad – A couple who helped start the Saudi Students Organization at University of Dubuque. Click here to read their story.