Spartans Finish Second at Jim Fox Duals

Dec 17, 2016

UD's Patrick Mooney (165 lbs) was one of two Spartans to finish the Jim Fox Duals 2-0. H
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up to capture the fall in 4:21 against the University of Ozarks.

2016 Univ. of Dubuque Jim Fox Duals

DUBUQUE, Iowa- The University of Dubuque battled mother nature on Saturday and lost Concordia University (Wis.) to the unwieldy winter conditions who were unable to make the drive. The Spartans left with one less team finished 1-1 on the afternoon to finish runner-up to champion Wheaton College at the Jim Fox Duals.

Wheaton College took home the title by going 2-0. The Spartans defeated the University of the Ozarks handily in their first match, while falling to Wheaton to close out the tournamet. Jeremy Melendez (141 lbs.) and Partick Mooney (165 lbs.) were the only two Spartans to go 2-0 on the day. Melendez pinned Mario Vasquez from the Ozarks in just 2:03, while winning by forfeit against Wheaton. Patrick Mooney also pinned his opponent against the Ozarks, his was in 4:21. Mooney was able to hold off Stephen Aiello from Wheaton in his second match, winning 5-4 in one of the more exciting matches of the afternoon.

The Spartans are off for the holidays and return to the mat for the Chicago Duals on January 7th in Chicago.

Univ. of Dubuque vs Univ. of the Ozarks
125- DJ Jackson (Ozarks) WBF over Javier Guillen (Dubuque) (Fall 4:27) 0-6
133- Sergio Nugent (Ozarks) WBF over Shawn Cantos (Dubuque) (Fall 4:06) 0-12
141- Jeremy Melendez (Dubuque) WBF over Mario Vasquez (Ozarks) (Fall 2:03) 6-12
149- Blake Howerton (Dubuque) wins by a decision over Ny’Trell Dean (Ozarks) (Dec 5-2) 9-12
157- Mark Griffin (Dubuque) WBF over Nicholas McDaniel (Ozarks) (Fall 1:24) 15-12
165- Pat Mooney (Dubuque) WBF over Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) (Fall 4:21) 21-12
174- Roosevelt Smith (Dubuque) WBTF over Jesus Perez (Ozarks) (TF 16-0 4:11) 26-12
184- Ethan Cain (Dubuque) wins by a decsion over Joey Schenck (Ozarks) (Dec 6-3) 29-12
197- Dominic Sterr (Dubuque) WBF over Montre Blade (Ozarks) (Fall 1:58) 35-12
285- Jordan Hill (Dubuque) won by a decision over Jameer Anderson (Ozarks) (Dec 1-0) 38-12

Match score:
Univ. of the Ozarks - 12
Univ. of Dubuque - 38

Wheaton vs Ozarks    Wheaton wins 47-6
125- Carlos Fuentez (Wheaton) WBTF over DJ Jackson (Ozarks) (TF 22-5) 5-0
133- Josiah Fitzjerrels (Wheaton) wins by a decision over Sergio Nugent (Ozarks) (Dec 4-2) 8-0
141- Mario Vasquez (Ozarks) wins by forfeit (8-6)
149- Zachary Harrell (Wheaton) wins by major decision over Ny’Trell Dean (Ozarks) (MD 10-1) 12-6
157- Frank Aiello (Wheaton) WBF over Nicholas McDaniel (Ozarks) (Fall 2:25) 18-6
165- Stephen Aiello (Wheaton) WBTF over Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) (TF 4:00 16-0) 23-6
174- Tim Blickle (Wheaton) over Jesus Perez (Ozarks) (Fall 1:35) 29-6
184- Jared Fekete (Wheaton) won by forfeit (35-6)
197- Michael Swider (Wheaton) WBF over Montre Blade (Ozarks) (Fall 2:47) 41-6
285- Max Gierke (Wheaton) WBF over Jameer Anderson (Ozarks) (Fall :52) 47-6

Match score:
Univ. of the Ozarks - 6
Wheaton College - 47

Dubuque vs Wheaton 
125- Carlos Fuentez (Wheaton) WBF over Javier Guillen (Dubuque) (Fall 1:27) 0-6
133- Josiah Fitzjerrels (Wheaton) WBF over Nile Laguna (Dubuque) (Fall 2:03) 0-12
141- Jeremey Melendez (Dubuque) wins by forfeit. 6-12
149- Zachary Harrel (Wheaton) wins by decision over Blake Howerton (Dubuque) (Dec 4-2) 6-15
157- Frank Aiello (Wheaton) WBF over Mark Griffin (Dubuque) (Fall 6:01) 6-21
165- Pat Mooney (Dubuque) wins by decision over Stephen Aiello (Wheaton) (Dec 5-4) 9-21
174- Tim Blickle (Wheaton) wins by major decision over Roosevelt Smith (Dubuque) (MD 10-2) 9-25
184- Jared Fekete (Wheaton) wins by major decision over Ethan Cain (Dubuque) (MD 17-9) 9-29
197- Michael Swider (Wheaton) won by forfeit 9-35
285- Max Gierke (Wheaton) wins by a decision over Daniel Cesilles (Dubuque) (Dec 3-1) 9-38

Match score:
Univ. of Dubuque - 9
Wheaton College - 38

Exhibition Matches:
141- Jonathon Gonzalez (Ozarks) wins by a decision over Nile Laguna (Dubuque) (Dec 10-6)
174- Derek Horine (Dubuque) WBF over Jacob Thornburg (Wheaton) (Fall 4:08)
174- Teddy Caporrino (Dubuque) wins by a decsion over Owen Feenstra (Wheaton) (Dec 16-13)
184- Logan Walkup (Wheaton) WBTF over Damian Ullrich (Dubuque) (TF 4:33 20-5)
157- Owen Feenstra (Wheaton) wins by a decision over Collin Heidemann (Dubuque) (Dec 13-7)
174- Riley Cornwell (Dubuque) WBF over  Jacob Thornburg (Wheaton) (Fall 1:24)
133- Si N (Ozarks) WBF in OT over Armad Willis (Dubuque) (Fall 7:38 OT)
174- Jacob Thornburg (Wheaton) WBF  over Colin Heidemann (Dubuque) (Fall 4:25)
165- Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) wins by injury default over Derek Horine (Dubuque)
197- Adolfo Sotolongo (Ozarks) WBF over Logan Walkup (Wheaton) (Fall 0:35)