3 Worldviews Reception to be Held

Sep 14, 2017

DUBUQUE, Iowa – University of Dubuque’s Bisignano Art Gallery will host a reception for its latest exhibit, 3 Worldviews, on Saturday, Sept. 16, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the art gallery, Heritage Center, 2255 Bennett Street. The reception is free and open to the public.

The first exhibit of the academic year is composed of photographs by UD students Ahmed Alsuwayq, a senior; Noah Bullock, a sophomore; and Patryk Openchowski, a senior. The students, all digital art and design majors, have a love for photography and a talent for engaging viewers.

“Ahmed’s worldview is clearly about home, safety, security, and hope. The quiet warmth from his photos makes these unique non-Western images feel familiar,” said Alan Garfield, gallery director and professor of digital art and design. “Noah examines power in his worldview, but his images are not a textbook definition of power. Patryk’s stark images call us, personally, to confront humanity’s historical evil as he carefully moves through the eerie remains of Auschwitz and Birkenau.”

The exhibit is part of UD’s World View I courses and the Wendt Scholars’ theme of justice. It was supported, in part, by a grant from the Wendt Center.

The reception is held in conjunction with The Official Blues Brothers Revue, which will begin at 7:30 p.m. in John and Alice Butler Hall, Heritage Center. Tickets for the live concert, part of the fifth annual Live at Heritage Center Performing Arts Series, range from $15 to $36. For more information about The Official Blues Brothers Revue, visit www.dbq.edu/heritagecenter.

The 3 Worldviews exhibit continues through Friday, Sept. 29.

Bisignano Art Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from noon to 5:00 p.m. during the academic year. The gallery is also open in conjunction with all major events staged in John and Alice Butler Hall. The gallery adjoins lobby space serving Babka Theatre and Butler Hall. For more information, please contact Alan Garfield at 563.589.3717 or agarfield@dbq.edu.