The North Quad Renovation Project and South Common

Jul 19, 2018 | University Relations staff

Proposed Designs for Bell Tower and New North Quad (Updated 7-19-18

DUBUQUE, Iowa – The donor-funded North Quad renovation project is underway at the University of Dubuque. UD President Jeffrey Bullock shares an update on the project below:


As promised, I am writing to update you regarding the North Quad renovation project and future plans for the new South Common. As you are aware, our campus has grown considerably to the south over the last two decades which, at the recommendation of our Campus Master Planner Tom Oslund, has necessitated a multi-year renovation project focused on the historic Quad and the future South Common. 

As part of the North Quad renovation, the William C. Laube Memorial Bell Tower has been removed and will eventually be rebuilt with a new design on the South Common. The cross that crowned the Laube Bell Tower has been saved, and it will be incorporated into a new carillon design. The attached image of the South Common that you see is an artist’s rendering of a potential new bell tower, though no design has been finalized. The project is also subject to funding availability.

The other attachment is an artist’s rendering of a renovated North Quad. Because of an emerald ash borer infestation, we lost all of our ash trees and, sadly, the pear trees aligning Algona Street are dying because of a fire blight bacteria. This end has provided us with an opportunity for a new beginning. The North Quad rendering that you see attached is still in the design phase. With the Laube Bell Tower now down, the majority of the work on the North Quad will take place in August and September, with the project completed in time for Homecoming 2018 in late October.

As both of these projects evolve, I will do my best to keep all of you informed about our progress. I realize that the decommissioning of the Laube Bell Tower has been difficult for some of our alums. There are many memories associated with this feature of our campus. It is also true that new memories and traditions for future generations of graduates will emerge from this redesign. Again, another opportunity for a new beginning.

As always, I want to thank you for your continuing interest and support of this Mission known as the University of Dubuque.

Jeffrey F. Bullock, PhD