Spartans of UD

Spartans of UD is a new feature that will highlight what makes University of Dubuque special – the people who live, work, and study on campus.

Spartans of UD - May Sukumaran
Graduate Program Coordinator l Teaching Specialist in Business

Spartans of UD - Charles Barland
Professor of Music l Head of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Spartans of UD - Barb Smeltzer
Undergrad Student Resource Advisor l Campus Mom

Jose Reinoso - Spartans of UD
Coordinator of Intramural Sports l Adjunct Faculty

Spartans of UD - Anja Arend
ANJA AREND, Senior Nursing Student

Spartans of UD - Ben Bartels
BEN BARTELS, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Spartans of UD - Rasika Mudalige-Jayawickrama
RASIKA MUDALIGE-JAYAWICKRAMA, Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences

Spartans of UD: Bridgette Brandt
BRIDGETTE BRANDT (C'17), Graduate Assistant Football Coach/Operations

Mick Miyamoto - Spartans of UD
MICK MIYAMOTO PhD, Vice President and Dean of Student Life

Spartans of UD - Chris James
CHRISTOPHER JAMES, Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Missional Christianity

Spartans of UD: Chris Peterson (1024x512)
CHRIS PETERSON (C'04), Associate Director of Admission

Spartans of UD - Marissa Joers
MARISSA JOERS, Junior Business Administration Major

Chad Gunnelson - Spartans of UD
CHAD GUNNELSON (C'13), Director of Track & Field | Cross Country

 Becky Canovan - Spartans of UD - No.1
BECKY CANOVAN, Reference and Instruction Librarian

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