Advisory Board

The Wendt Advisory Board consists of five University Faculty/Staff members who serve as advisers to the Wendt Character Initiative Director and staff.

The Advisory Board meets regularly to discuss the Initiative and ensure it continues to fulfill its mission to "engage the university community in a cooperative and spirited effort to foster intellectual understanding of and personal commitment to leading lives of purpose and excellent moral character."


 Mike Durnin Advisory Board (Resized)     Adam Hoffman Advisory Board

Coach Mike Durnin
Interim Dean of Student Life

    Dr. Adam Hoffman 
Associate Professor of
Environmental Chemistry

Wendt Advisory Board Member     ‌ Mary Anne Knefel Advisory Board

Dr. Peg Kerr
Professor and Nursing Department Head

    Professor Mary Anne Knefel 
University Librarian
‌‌Bonnie Sue Lewis Advisory Board     Wendt Advisory Board Member
Dr. Bonnie Sue Lewis 
Associate Professor of Mission
and Native American Christianity
    Mr. Mike Willis
Director of Media Services