What's Happening

The Wendt Character Initiative's theme for 2018-2019 is Boundless Compassion. Check out our Winter 2018 Newsletter for a look at what's been happening.
Applications for the Wendt Character Scholars Program for the 2020-21 academic year will be open December 1-January 31.

Fall 2018

  • Wendt Characer Scholars Kickoff Picnic
  • Fall Wendt books: The Beauty of Discomfort by Amanda Lang and The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis
  • September 26: National Character Day
  • October 15: Wendt Character Lecture – Claude Chester
  • October 29: "Philosophical Prescriptions for Dealing with Anxiety, Despression, and Other Life Challenges," Gordon Marino
  • October 30: "Miracle of Innocence," Darryl Burton
  • November 12: "Within Every Woman," Tiffany Hsiung
  • November 12-16: Gratitude Week: Wendt Character Scholars will be engaged in activities across campus and the community. Other departments/programs are encouraged to find ways to celebrate with their own students.
  • December 1: Wendt Character Scholars program applications open

Spring 2019

  • January 31: Wendt Character Scholars program applications close
  • Spring Wendt books: Well by Sarah Thebarge
  • March 4: The Giver (Open to the public, tickets available through University of Dubuque Heritage Center)
  • March 25: Wendt Character Lecture – Sarah Thebarge (open to the public, no tickets needed)
  • Wendt Tea: Faculty Grant reports
  • April 22-26: Service Week: Wendt Character Scholars will work in small groups to complete service projects around the Dubuque area.
  • Sparty Athletic Awards: Wendt Character Athlete of the Year and for each sport