The Wendt Character Initiative releases several publications each year, with the goal of accomplishing our mission to "engage the university community in a cooperative and spirited effort to foster intellectual understanding of and personal commitment to leading lives of purpose and excellent moral character."

Our periodical Journal, Character and . . . gives UD and UDTS faculty members the opportunity to apply character to varying circumstances, discussing how integrity, justice, compassion, and other virtues can be practiced within those circumstances. Meanwhile, our newsletter keeps readers up-to-date with what we do on campus and in the community.

Digital UD

The University's digital platform, Digital UD, houses the Wendt Character Initiative's periodic journal, Character and . . . . The journal addresses character issues within different contexts.

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Volume 3 - 2017

Character and . . . Screen Life

Volume 2 - 2016

Character and . . . Courageous Compassion

Volume 1 - 2015

Character and . . . Social Media


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