Classes and Programs

Fire Prevention and Fire Extinguisher Training
Several times a year the University offers Fire Prevention and Fire Extinguisher Training for the campus community. This training consists of both classroom as well as "hands on" training by an authorized instructor. Students, faculty and staff are given the chance to use various types of extinguishers on real (controlled burn) fires. This training is mandatory for all Housing, Custodial, and Maintenance staff.

First Aid/CPR/ARD/Training
The University offers Red Cross FIRST AID, CPR, and AED training to students at various times of the year, based on student requests. The classes and materials are FREE. (Students wishing to get participation cards from the Red Cross may contact the Red Cross.)

Severe Weather Preparedness Training
The University provides Severe Weather Response Training for ALL students, faulty, and staff, as well for the general public once a year. This severe weather training is offered by a National Weather Service Specialist. Additional severe weather training is done in each residence hall prior to the start of the severe weather season.

Self Defense Training
The University of Dubuque is committed to working with campus community members to develop the safest environment possible. Personal responsibility, following basic safety guidelines, training, and being prepared are key ingredients in working together to create a safe campus community.

One dimension of being personally prepared is training in self-defense skills and strategies. Self-defense classes will be offered twice weekly for students, faculty, and staff at no cost by a certified, former military instructor. Goals for the training are to increase personal safety by increasing situation safety awareness, and by learning a variety of self-defense maneuvers and combative skills that can be employed against an assailant.

The Office of Safety and Security is sponsoring this training, and Safety and Security Officers will be involved as trainers. We recommend this program as a proactive way for each community member to keep UD safe and secure, and support the work of the campus security team.