University of Dubuque


Academic Advising

While you are responsible for planning your academic program and meeting requirements, you will have an academic advisor to provide assistance in designing your academic program. All first-year students are advised by the Associate Academic Dean for Advising, Dr. Paul Johnson. Transfer students are advised by a professor within their major field of study.

The University believes that every student who is admitted for study has the ability to succeed.  A UD education is designed to be a bridge to your future – grounded in the liberal arts and developed through rigorous professional preparation.  As a Christian university, we understand that college is about building a life of meaning:  discovering and developing your God-given gifts and discerning opportunities to make a difference in the world.


This journey of discovery, personal development, and discernment is not traveled alone.  Your academic advisor is a key traveling companion offering knowledge and experience that guides your learning as you move along the road from first-year student to graduating senior.  It is a journey of discipline and hard work, but one that is full of rewards as well.

Welcome to the adventure of becoming a life-long learner!