Bridge Learning Lab

The University of Dubuque supports all students to be successful in reaching their full potential and their academic goals. As part of UD's Bridge Program, all areas of campus life work collaboratively to assist students who come to UD with the desire to learn and succeed. The program helps students "bridge the gaps" that may exist in their preparation for college.

As an outgrowth of the Academic Success Center (ASC), the Bridge Learning Lab operates from L212 of the library. Incoming first-year students enrolled in the Bridge 006 course are required to attend two, one-hour labs each week. The Learning Lab offers tutoring services to all University of Dubuque students throughout their first year, and is monitored by Steve Goerdt.

Steve, who joined the ASC as a Professional Tutor in June 2008, earned a BA in English from the University of Northern Colorado and an MA in English from the University of Chicago. He brings to the Learning Lab ten years of experience as a classroom English teacher; ten years as a professional writer/editor; and seven years as co-director of three private educational clinics in the Boston area specializing in diagnostic testing, tutoring,  and remedial/developmental instruction. He envisions  the Learning Lab as "a warm yet professional environment for students to acquire the skills they need to be a success in college and in life."  

An article featuring the developmental Bridge Learning Lab appeared in the January 2010 issue of E-source for College Transitions, a journal of the National Resource Center for The First-year Experience and Students in Transition.