University of Dubuque


Business Administration

Prospective employers worldwide are aware of the excellence, quality, and reputation of The University of Dubuque's business graduates . Graduates are flexible business professionals, equipped to adapt to the ever-changing workplace of the twenty-first century. The curriculum has a strong focus on the integration of academic with practical skills and real-world experience. Business students are expected to gain on-the-job experience through internships and work with local organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits.


The University of Dubuque’s Business Administration & Accounting Department Mission is to offer educational opportunities that build practical, applied, and integrated learning experiences through the undergraduate programs in business and accounting. These programs offer foundation coursework in business and when integrated with the University’s Core Curriculum develop personal character, high ethical standards, a world-view that investigates faith and values, and a portfolio of applied tools required to function effectively in today’s global environment.

The Business Administration & Accounting program provides an ethical perspective that combines competencies in accounting, economics, management, marketing, and finance with applied skills such as team building, collaboration, and understanding appropriate social behaviors that lead to future success. Business Administration & Accounting students learn how to manage time, creatively solve problems, improve productivity, and better serve customers. In addition, students develop strong written and oral communication as well as technological skills necessary to effectively compete in today’s workforce.

The Business Administration & Accounting program offers majors in the following areas: 

Business: for students desiring broad-based understanding of both for- and not-for profit enterprises as well as those who may wish to own their own business.
Human Resource Management: for students who wish to focus on the development and growth in the human side of enterprise. 
Marketing: for students who want to focus on how goods and services are offered to consumers or other organizations who use them. 
Accounting: for students desiring to pursue accounting and/or credentialing as a Certified Public Accountant.