Mathematics Overview

MATHEMATICS is more than just numbers. Our students learn to be great problem solvers, communicators, and leaders. Strong problem solving abilities and outstanding analytical skills are highly sought qualities by employers in a variety of industries. 

The mission of the Mathematics Department at the University of Dubuque is to promote enjoyment of mathematics and to foster appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics. The program encourages inquiry as well as students’ ethical application of mathematics in representations and decisions.

Intellectual enrichment and enhanced marketability will benefit all students exposed to the structural and logical patterns which a background in mathematics provides.

Areas of Study

  • Mathematics Major
  • Mathematics Minor
  • Mathematics Teaching Endorsement

The UD Advantage:

  • Personal attention from faculty due to small classes.
  • Faculty advisors.
  • Paid tutoring positions in the Academic Success Center.
  • Math competitions.
  • Senior project under the supervision of faculty members.

What about a double major?

Using mathematics as a supplement to your primary major can open up many additional opportunities!


      • Data Analyst
      • Statistician
      • Math Modeler
      • Operations Researcher
      • Cryptographer
      • Instructor
      • Actuary Scientist


      • Mathematics
      • Economics
      • Education
      • Statistics

The Program

The faculty believe that the best teaching can be done when there is close faculty/student interaction for discussion, thinking, and exploration. Faculty cultivate interests in applied areas such as probability and statistics, computer information studies, and financial mathematics. UD courses also foster creativity, critical thinking, and the use of the imagination, particularly in the understanding and development of justification and proof.