University of Dubuque


Environmental Science

At the University of Dubuque, students learn Environmental Science by getting wet, getting muddy, and getting their hands on fish, birds, soil, prairie plants, and rocks. We believe that field-oriented, hands-on courses prepare students for jobs following graduation, while providing real life experiences that lead to internships and undergraduate research projects. Students are exposed to the latest technologies, such as water quality analysis, toxicological assays, and radio telemetry.

Our fleet of field boats provides an excellent opportunity to explore the Mississippi River ecosystem, and yearly field trips to the Audubon Center of the North Woods, Boundary Waters -- and other fun spots, as well as study trips to international locations, provide an opportunity to learn about other habitats. Through integrated classroom work and hands-on research, students are prepared to be leaders in the environmental science field after graduation.

We also  love field trips.  See some of our photos at

Students Andrew Satterlee and Mikaela Tully