Admission into the Nursing Program is granted annually in the Spring for the following Fall. 

View the nursing admission brochure for more information: Admission Brochure

  • Important: Students who have been enrolled in a nursing program elsewhere must show evidence they left their previous nursing program in good standing and are currently eligible to continue enrollment in that program. This requires a letter from the director of their previous program sent directly to the UD Nursing Department confirming good standing. Students who cannot provide this documentation will not be considered for admission.
  • Notice: UD Nursing holds a policy of annual drug screening as a requirement of our clinical site partners.
  • Students admitted to the Nursing program must sign the following statement: "I have not been denied licensure by the Iowa Board of Nursing. I do not have/hold a license that is currently suspended, surrendered or revoked in any United States jurisdiction. I do not have/hold a license/registration that is currently suspended, surrendered or revoked in another country due to disciplinary action."
  • Effective July 1, 2009 the Iowa Board of Nursing requires copies of sentencing orders with all applications for licensure.  Specific requirements pertaining to a criminal record and the effect or RN licensure in Iowa can be found here: Criminal Offense Reminder.  Students interested in licensure in a state other than Iowa should contact that particular state's Board of Nursing to identify policies and requlations.