University of Dubuque


Computer Science and Mathematics

The Computer Science and Mathematics Department (CSM) at the University Of Dubuque (UD) offers students an excellent education, and opportunities to participate in major-related extracurricular activities and internships.

CSM offers five majors that prepare students to work in industry or pursue advanced degrees:

    *BBA / Computer Information Systems (BBA/CIS)

    *BS / Computer Information Technology (BS/CIT)

    *BS / Computer Information Systems (BS/CIS)

    *BS / Digital Forensics (BS/DF)

    *BS / Mathematics (BS/MAT)

CSM classes are taught by outstanding faculty who:

    *Possess a variety of skills and areas of expertise

    *Hold advanced degrees or have many years of industry experience in their fields

    *Truly care about the students and their success

CSM students have opportunities to engage in major-related activities, such as the computer club, and to attend professional conferences. In addition to learning and befriending students with similar interests, these activities allow students to gain leadership experience. Enterprising students even present at the conferences.

Most of the students participate in at least one internship to gain “real-world’ work experience.  Some students participate in more. IBM, a world-class organization, has an office right in Dubuque and is an example of a company that hires many UD interns and graduates.

Give any of the faculty a call, or come to UD for a visit. We would be happy to tell you more about our programs or to show them to you!