University of Dubuque


Sociology and Criminal Justice Department

The mission of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department is to enable students to understand the complexities of social life and to develop an awareness of the connections among themselves, their communities, society at large, and the global environment. By analyzing human behavior at these multiple levels, students are challenged to deepen their appreciation of cross-cultural perspectives, increase their understanding of patterns of inequality, and explore possible forces for social change.

The Sociology and Criminal Justice Department serves the University's Mission by:

Offering courses that provide students with a scientific and systematic approach for evaluating social issues in their personal and professional lives;

 Providing opportunities for students to explore, critique, and evaluate issues of difference in their daily lives and opportunities for students to form alliances and to create solutions for social problems;

Offering students opportunities to explore their own political beliefs, personal convictions, cultural and faith traditions in the context of the classroom, community, and global diversity;

Challenging students to discover their potential as stewards who are empowered to make positive choices as they journey through relationships, neighborhoods, and workplaces that are increasingly diverse; and

Further developing student commitment to issues of social justice, and encouraging engagement with social issues as a lifelong pursuit.