University of Dubuque


Medical Services - Absence Guidelines

Student Class Absence Release is part of the Student and Student-Athlete Medical Referral Form.  When a student is evaluated by a physician the Student and Student-Athlete Medical Referral Form should accompany them to their appointment so the physician can indicate if the student should be medically released from classes.  The Student and Student-Athlete Medical Referral Form provides specifc options from which the physician can choose: 1) student may return to class immediately, 2) student may return to class at a later specified date, 3) student is to be reevaluated prior to returning to classes/activity.

The Student and Student-Athlete Medical Referral Form will be completed by the Medical Coordinator when the student's medical appointment is arranged.  If the student arranges his/her own appointment and is advised that they not attend class, medical documentation should be submitted to the Medical Coordinator for verification.  This is for the health and safety of the student and UD community.

The Medical Coordinator will verify with the student's professors his/her the class absence via email, but it is still the student's responsibility to personally notify their professors of any class missed due to illness. Also, students are responsible for all course work missed because of illness.  The Office of the Medical Coordinator and Office of Student Life are available to help students notify faculty of class absence when emergency or sensitive conditions exist.

Professors wishing to verify other cases of student absence due to illness or injury may call the Medical Coordinator.  Dates on which the student received care can be verified if permission has been granted by the student; other health information is confidential.