University of Dubuque


Medical Services - Health Topics-A-Z


Finley Hospital, Iowa Health Care System:  Health A-Z

Ask Alice
An interactive question and answer site from Columbia University - general health, eating disorders, sexuality, fitness, drug and alcohol information 


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) A-Z Index

Iowa Department of Public Health 

National Institute of Health (health-disease from A to Z and more) 

Clarity Clinic (Dubuque Pregnancy Center)

Hillcrest Family Services

Crescent Community Health (Sliding Fee Discounts)

Skin Cancer 

Skin Cancer & Prevention

Skin Cancer & Prvention 2

Traveling to a Foreign Country:
World Health Organization (WHO) 


Wellness (Wellness Tools e.g. BMI calculator, Target Heart Rate calculator, etc...)

Wellness (Mayo Clinic Healthy Lifestyle Information)

Wellness (Body Mass Calculator)

Skin Condition (use as a tool not for self-diagnosing)