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Frequently Asked Questions

(All Files Require Adobe Acrobat Reader )

 CD Creating
How do I copy files to a CD using Roxio Media Creator?
How Do I Use Roxio Easy Media Creator.pdf

 Compressed or Zipped files
How can I open or create a zipped file?
Compressed Zip Files.pdf

 FrontPage 2003
How do I get started creating a web page?
FrontPage03-Getting Started.pdf

FrontPage 2003 Quick Access Guide

 FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
How can I use Windows FTP to upload my website?
WindowsXP-FTP Instructions.pdf

How do I find the MAC address for my game console?
Find MAC address for game console.pdf

Overview for the HP/Compaq DC5100 Desktop Computers

Overview for the HP/Compag Notebook Computers

How can I change the touch pad settings on a University laptop?
How to change the touch pad settings on UD laptops.pdf

What are the minimum computer specifications for personal computers? 
Computer and software specification.pdf

 Live Text
How do I obtain help with Live Text?
Live Text Help.pdf

 My UD
How can I obtain academic and financial information from "My UD"? 
How do students use my UD.pdf

My Computer isn't connecting to the Network in the Residence Halls.
Computer not connecting to network.pdf

How do Faculty & Staff log onto the computer "localy"? (off network)
Faculty - Staff use of computer locally.pdf

How can I secure my workstation?
How can I secure my workstation.pdf

How can I change my password? {students}
How can I optionally change my network password.pdf

Faculty & Staff are required to change passwords every 90 days.
Required password change every 90 days.pdf

What do I need to know about the University of Dubuque Network?
What do I need to know about the University network.pdf

Where do I save my files on the network?
Where do I save my documents on the network.pdf

How Certify Computer for Use on UD Network
How to connect in residence halls.pdf

How can I access my files from off campus?
Remote Access to Network Drives.pdf

How do I place a long distance call from a campus residence?
Phone-Long Distance.pdf

I am faculty or staff. How do I set up my voice mail?
Faculty Call Pilot Instructions.pdf

I am a student. How do I set up voice mail?
Student Call Pilot Instructions.pdf

 Smartphones & Handhelds
 Technology Web Addresses
What are the technology related web addresses?
University of Dubuque Technology Web Addresses.pdf

 TextAloud 2.0 by NextUp
How do I use TextAloud software by NextUp?

 USB Flash Drive
How do I work with a USB Flash (thumb) drive?
How to Use a USB Flash Drive.pdf

 Windows XP
How can I put a shortcut (icon) on my desktop?
WindowsXP-Desktop Shortcuts.pdf

How do I set up a screen saver password?
WindowsXP-Screen Saver Password.pdf

What is Windows Explorer and how do I use it?

How can I have more than one application open and yet see all the open programs?

How can I change the folder view and make Windows Explorer look like it used to, with only two panes and no icons (pictures)?
WindowsXP-Folder Views.pdf