Upcoming Career Fairs

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Aviation Career/Job Fair Listing:  http://www.bestaviation.net/job_fair/ 

Consider Iowa/Job Fair Listing http://www.consideriowa.org/career/fairs.cfm  

Iowa College Access Network College Fairs within the state of Iowa http://www.icansucceed.org/

Iowa Workforce Development Job Fair Listings http://www.iowaworkforce.org/jobfair.asp

Golden Circle College Fair, Iowa's largest college fair in October.  http://www.ICANsucceed.org/GoldenCircle

National Career Fairs 12 month http://www.nationalcareerfairs.com/


National Career/Job Fairs by Careerbuilder.com   http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobseeker/careerfairs/default.aspx?sc_cmp1=JS_CF_Nav_Home 

 National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Fair  http://central.nacelink.com/index.php

PSI Diversity Job Fair national  list  http://www.psijobfair.com/Schedule.aspx

Graduate Fairs & Conferences Nationally  http://www.graduateguide.com/allevents.asp

National Job Fairs  http://www.jobsonline.net/

 National Job Fairs by EmploymentGuide.com list  http://www.employmentguide.com/browse_jobfairs.html


Job Fairs per State http://www.jobcentral.com/states.asp

Military Veterans Job Fairs http://www.hireahero.org/ 





Annual Teacher Fair at the University of Northern Iowa Campus - UD Education Majors are welcome to attend http://www.uni.edu/careerservices/events/teacherfair.html 


Annual Overseas Recruiting Fair at the University of Northern Iowa Campus - UD Education Majors are welcome to attend http://www.uni.edu/placement/overseas  


Annual Teacher Expo in South Carolina - UD Education Majors are welcome to attend http://www.teachsc.org/expo/

Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Job/Career Fair: 

Annual Career Fairs on College Campuses within the State of Iowa

Please contact UD's Career Services to receive an updated listing for the academic year
Phone: 563.589.3132, 563.589.3633, or 563.589.3167
E-mail: career@dbq.edu