Career Exploration

Enhancing Exploratory Learning Opportunities. Finding a career that's a right fit for you can be a tedious process. That's why we recommend that you invest time into understanding where your interests and values are when determining a career. Use the following resources as your first step toward finding the career of your dreams!

From career exploration to career advice, the Career Insider has little bit of everything.  

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Co-curricular Study Guide   
A guide developed by faculty members and Career Services, in an effort to promote student participation in activities which compliment their in-class academic experiences. 

4 Year Career Development Guide  
A guide developed by faculty members and Career Services to assist students during their undergraduate experience.
What Can I Do with a Career In...? One of the most common questions we hear from college students. Review these tips in finding answers to that tough question!  

O*NET Occupational Guide: Build your career with O*NET! O*NET is the nation's primary source of occupational information and contains information on hundreds of occupations. The free database is updated by surveying a broad range of professionals from each occupation. 

  ***CAREER TIP***

Consider participating in a Job Shadow Opportunity. Check our Job Shadow Program Student Packet

Career Assessments: Career services offers several self-assessment, career-planning tools to assist students and Alumni.

Additional Career Resources:  Need more career resources? Check here for videos, articles, and websites relating to various career topics.

Upcoming Events:
 Review events for the academic year, which promote career development and exploration.

 Occupational & Salary Outlook:  This guide created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics highlights hundreds of different types of occupations, indicating requirements of education, training, experience, salary ranges, working conditions and responsibilities, as well as, the hiring outlook for various employment within occupations.  This guide is updated every 24 months.

Veterans Resource
Career Exploration and Military Occupational Codes cross reference service through Sigi3

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