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The Career Insider is your one stop shop on everything resumes and cover letters. The Vault has a little bit of everything from sample resumes and to sample cover letters broken down by career. Also, it contains over 50 guides on perfecting your resume and cover letter writing.

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500 Positive Action Verbs 

by JobMob


TIP: If your GPA is above a 3.00, that is considered a positive to employers. If your GPA is below a 3.00, try calculating your Major GPA (core courses taken within your major.) Chances are, it will be higher than your overall GPA.

Need help calculating your Major GPA?


Resume Templates: 

The following resumes are templates,
please do not copy wording found within these resumes.  

If you choose to utilize one of these templates as a starting point, we encourage you to recreate the resume to make it uniquely your own, such as; change the font, change the heading titles, or mix and match elements from a different resume.

Also, just because a section is within a template, doesn't mean it is required within your resume. Look through several templates to get an ideal sense of what sections would be helpful to include within your own resume.


PDF Resume Examples: 

The following are examples of resumes to give you a visual of how to format your own resume and how to apply sentence structure within a resume.

Please do not copy wording found in these resumes. 
Rather, use them as a guide to building your own. The resume numbers correlate with the resume template to the right.

Cover Letter  Examples:

Please do not copy wording found in these cover letters. Rather, use them as a guide towards building your own.

Use this video to walk you through what to include in a cover letter. You can pause, rewind, and fast forward at anytime:

Want the powerpoint slides 
to this video?

Download the Cover Letter Guide PowerPoint Slideshere!

Have a Mock Interview coming up and not sure what to write in your cover letter?

Below are two examples:

Mock Interview Example 1: If you are wanting to put together your own generic cover letter template , this example might be a good way to set up your cover letter and make it more useable for future reference.

Mock Interview Example 2: This example is designed to assist you in developing a mock interview cover letter.  

Click here to view a Reference Page Example

Additional Career Resources:  For additional resume and cover letter examples, as well as, resume and cover letter building tips, check out the additional career resources page!

Upcoming Events:  Review events relevant to career development and exploration during the academic year.

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