2014-2015 On-campus and off-campus activities listed below 

Participate in the Healthy Relationship Week Ad Hoc Committee (Planning during the Fall of 2014)   

Student organizations, feel free to partner with UD's Counseling & Life Services to assist in educating and promoting the following national screening days on the UD campus through the College Response System: National Depression Screening Day on 10/9/14; National Eating Disorders Screening during the week of 2/22/15 - 2/28/15; and National Alcohol Screening Day on 4/9/15.   

Enroll in the non-travel J-term course entitled CCS 281-01 "The Culture of Bullying: Waiting on the World to Change," which provides a service project with local schools in the Dubuque community. Please contact Dr. Amy Baus for further details at or 563.589.3132. 

Enroll in the travel J-term course entitled HWS 368-01 "HIV/AIDS Education & Outreach," which provides a travel opportunity and service within the Los Angeles, California area. Please contact Dr. Tabitha Bartelme for further details at or 563.589.3253.  

Attend and engage in Healthy Relationship Week activities and events scheduled for Monday, 4/6/15 - Friday, 4/10/15 on the UD campus.  Please contact Dr. Tabitha Bartelme for further details at or 563.589.3253.

Connect with local Dubuque Community Support Groups (Fall, Winter Break, Spring, and Summer) 

Connect with UD's Student Activities Office (Review the updated schedule of events section and Student Organizations)  (On-campus)  Student Activities