First- Year Experience Mentors

Are you interested in welcoming new students to campus in the fall? Do you want to gain valuable leadership skills? Do you want to have a lot of fun and even get some free stuff? Become a First-Year Experience Mentor!

What is a First-Year Experience (FYE) Mentor?

  • FYE Mentors will work directly with first-year students throughout New Student Orientation and throughout the semester as a mentor, campus leader, and resource.
  • FYE Mentors will be assigned a specific group of students prior to New Student Orientation and will mentor them throughout the first semester. Some mentors may also interact with specific groups of students during New Student Orientation including transfer students and Bridge students.

Desired Qualifications/Characteristics:

  • Minimum of a 2.50 cummulative GPA and be in good standing with the University.
  • Full time student with at least two full-time completed semesters (a minimum of 24 completed credits) at the University of Dubuque by the end of Spring semester. 
  • Genuine desire to work with and mentor students.
  • Ability to relate to students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.
  • Understanding of and sensitivity to transition concerns and problems faced by new students.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of student services, campus resources, and student involvement opportunities.
  • Knowledge and practice of university policies and procedures.
  • Ability and desire to work as a team member.


  • Attendance at all FYE mentor training dates.
  • Attendance at all New Student Orientation activities.
  • Implementation of Orientation programming for new first-year students, transfer students, Bridge students, and families.
  • Facilitation of guided small group discussions on various topics during New Student Orientation.
  • Positive representation of the University of Dubuque to students and parents at all times.
  • Contact with small group of new students throughout the fall semester including via email and face-to-face interaction.


  • Residence on campus free of charge for the duration of mentor training and New Student Orientation.
  • Free meals for the duration of mentor training and New Student Orientation.
  • Free FYE Mentor apparel and materials.
  • Practical leadership and mentorship experience.
  • Small and large group interaction and facilitation skills.
  • Programming and event planning experience.