Student Organizations

With over 65 unique student organizations, you’re bound to find one to join!

Participating in campus activities is an important part of life at the University of Dubuque. The activities and events planned by the various clubs and organizations supplement your academic life with valuable experience, fun, and friendship. Out-of-classroom programs provide opportunities for vocational growth, leadership training, community service, and personal development. The people who get involved in student activities are people like you, so GET INVOLVED! Tell us what you're interested in by completing this form. We'll connect you with leaders from the organizations you choose. 

The Office of Student Activities proudly partners with the Student Government Association to promote and support all student organizations. If you would like more specific information about SGA, including policies, opportunities to get involved, and answers to your questions, please visit their website

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Departmental Organizations

Accounting Club: For all UD accounting and business students. Contact Dennis George. 

Alpha Chi: All major honor society

Alpha Eta Rho: Aviation honors society. Contact Adam YakichWebsite 

Alpha Psi Omega: Recognizes excellence in theatrical productions and academics. Contact Carmen Turnbough. 

Enactus: Develops skills through learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise. Contact Katelynn M. Rozinek.

Flight Team: Increase interest and knowledge of Aviation. Contact Luis Duran

Health and Wellness Club: Open to all Health, Recreation, and Wellness majors

Interactive Media Group (IMG): Increases understanding and interest in computer graphics. Contact William A. Burdick.

Justice League: For any criminal justice students, especially those looking to attend law school. Contact Jordan Waddick.

Lambda Pi Eta: Communication studies honorary. Contact Guillermo Garcia Munoz. 

Psychology Club: Open to all students majoring or minoring in Psychology

Sigma Tau Delta: English honors society. Contact Daniel E. Orendorff. 

Student Nursing Association (UDSNA): For all UD Nursing students. Contact Nicole FeinWebsite

Teacher Education Student Organization (TESO): For all those interested in Education as a career. Contact Kristen Field.

Web of Life: Promotes environmental awareness and provides community service opportunities. Contact Web of Life

Women in Aviation: Supports, encourages, and promotes the accomplishments of women in Aviation. Contact Brenda Nava.

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Fine & Performing Arts Organizations

The Belltower: Student newspaper that educates, entertains, and allows students a voice on campus concerns. Contact The Belltower.

Creative Agenda: Artistic and literary creators can meet and discuss works of art, collaborate together to create works of art. Contact Samantha Serd.

Drama Club: Provides support for fine and performing arts productions and events. Contact Devin Lantagne.

Gospel Choir: Promotes opportunities for learning and services through song and fellowship. Contact Bridgett Boone.

Instrumental Ensemble: Shares the gift of instrumental music with campus and community. Contact Zachariah Giese.

UD Dance Company: For all students who enjoy dancing - hip hop, classical, and contemporary forms. Contact Robert Bennett.

University Choir: Provides vocal music from a variety of genres for campus and community. Contact Steven Cortez.

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Greek Life


Athenaeans: Encourage brotherhood, personal development, liberal social opportunities, and service. Contact Alex Jameison.

Mu Sigma Beta: Built under a formation of brotherhood, unity, creativity, scholarship and school spirit. Contact Brandt KuntzeWebsite

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.: National Greek Letter organization. Contact Dishon Deering.

Phi Beta Sigma: Dedicating ourselves to service in the community. Contact DeJuan Fuller. 

Phi Omicron: A local fraternity founded on brotherhood, knowledge, and enlightenment. Originally established in 1926, re-established in 2014. Contact Bill Shumar

The Thirteeners: A fraternity that strives in brotherhood and campus tradition. Contact Isaac Hernandez.


Delta Phi Sigma: Band together in closer social relationships and to promote a higher standard of scholarship. Contact Lauren MahunWebsite

Gamma Phi Delta: Establish bond of friendship, develop strong and womanly character, to broaden moral and intellectual. Contact Dionna JensenWebsite

Lambda Tau Delta: Bond of sisterhood and establish loyal and lasting friendships in correlation to that relation of sisterhood. Contact Kylee KrambeerWebsite

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.: Committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. Contact Keely WebbWebsite

Zeta Phi: Social sorority who believe in sisterhood bond and strive to better our community and high standards. Contact Zaida R. Pacheco-Nava. 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc: A community-conscious, action-oriented organization for women.

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Goverance Organizations

Greek Council: Represents Greek Life in a unified governing body. Contact Carmen Turnbough. 

Student Athletic Advisory Committee: Represents student athletes on campus. Contact SAAC.

Student Government Association: Represents all undergraduate students. Promotes communication and cooperation between undergraduate students and administration. Contact SGA.  Website

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Special Interest Organizations

Anime Club: brings people who are big fans of anime, manga, and cosplay and explore the the fun and creativity of anime. Contact Tomas A. Pacheco.  Website

Asian Student Union: Open to all students interested in learning more about Asian Culture. Contact Weiji C. Qi.

Black Student Union: Open to all students for academic and social support. Hosts various events throughout the year. Contact BSUWebsite

Catholic Spartans: Fellowship, discussion, and focus on living a Catholic lifestyle on campus

Christian Leadership Council: Sponsors events on campus including Chapel and Residence Hall Bible Studies

Civil Discourse Cafe: Weekly meeting in which students, staff, and faculty talk about various topics in a 'civil' manner. Contact Michael Granados.

Computer Club: Designing, building, and learning about computers. Contact Caleb Chincoya.

DuBois Society: To guide change related to racial, gender, and class equality. Contact Alice Oleson

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Fun, fellowship, and discussion about being a Christian and an athlete. Contact Jon McGovern.

Future Young Professionals of Dubuque (FYP): FYP helps students prepare for professional life after college. Contact Wendy Roman. Website

Future Justice Force: Provides hands-on experiences in the criminal justice system. Contact Kari Dahlen.

International Friendship Club: Facilitates friendship and mingling of international and domestic students. Contact IFC.

Mediation Team: Raise awareness for mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Contact Jordan Waddick.

Manifesting Uniformed Relations in the Community and Abroad:  Promoting cultural awareness for military personnel. Contact Chris Morton.

Phi Theta Psi: Co-educational Fraternity focused on service to the community. Contact Phi Theta Psi

Photography Club: For students interested in photographing events, people, and places. Contact Samantha Serd.

PROUD: A safe place for UD students to meet and talk about issues relating to sexual orientation. Contact Joseph Schwenker

School Men Association:  A group for men to lead lives that matter. Contact Michael Borland

Sister to Sister: Promote unity and friendship among college women.  Website

SPARTA: Spreads awareness and support to troops that are overseas & students who have experienced a military lifestyle. Contact Nicole Cruz

Spartan Nation Liberation Foundation: Aims to bring awareness to human trafficking & promote education. Contact Tiffany Duncan

Spartan Paintball: For all students interested in Paintball. Contact Ernie Pacheco.

Spartan Spirit Team (SST): Promotes and energizes spirit on campus. Contact Nikolis A. ZicuisWebsite

Spartans for Life:  Group committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Contact Kristen Field.

Tabletop Gaming Club (D20): Gathers to engage in various forms of tabletop gaming

UD Fishing Club: Fishing for fun and competition at local and regional levels. Contact Anthony J. RiesbergWebsite.

UD League of Legends: A group focused on the online game and competitions. Contact Conner Hirt

UD Movie Club: Provides movies and the aesthetic appreciation of movies and film. Contact Dustin T. Elsbernd. 

UD Veterans: Encouraging veterans from all branches of military to support one another. Contact Zachary J. Pickel 

University Program Council (UPC): Plans fun activities on campus including comedians, musicians, entertainers, festivals, etc. Contact UPC.

Young Women's Association: Assists the growth and leadership skills of young women on the campus, and promotes volunteering

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