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Multicultural Books 1925-1985

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The Five Chinese
Arrow to the Sun The Clown of God
The Indian
in the

Here is a list of some of the older multicultural books in the Curriculum Library.  Older books need to be considered with care, since some of them may express values no longer appropriate to teach to children today.  This list may be useful to students in Edu 119, Human Relations.  Also note the list “20 Multicultural Books Every Child Should Know.”

Titles from: “A Sampler of Books to Invite Careful Listening”

The Curriculum Library owns several books listed in the booklist entitled “A Sampler of Books to Invite Careful Listening.”  They are listed below with the call numbers:

Dyer, Jane.  Animal Crackers; A Delectable Collection of Poems.  CL 808.81 Dye71a 1996

Fleming, Denise. Barnyard Banter.  CLX f PS 3556 L438b 2008

Greenfield, Eloise.  Honey I Love. CL 811 Gre46h 1986

Hoberman, Mary Ann.  One of Each.  CL Pic Hob47o 1997

Mahy, Margaret.  17 Kings and 42 Elephants.  CL Pic Mah95 1987

Riley, Linnea.  Mouse Mess.  CL Pic Ril49m 1997

Other books of poetry may also meet the criteria of  using language in a unique and original way, with an emphasis on word play or figures of speech.  Examples of poems in both Spanish and English are:

Argueta, Jorge.  Sopa de Frijoles: Bean Soup.  CL 811.54 Arg 84s 2009

Alarcon, Francisco.  From the Bellybutton of the Moon and other Summer Poems.  CL 811.54 Ala73r 1998

Alarcon, Francisco.  Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems.  CL 811.54 Ala73l 1997


Newbery and Caldecott awards: 2010

Caldecott Winner   Newbery Winner   Michael Printz Winner  
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The Lion & the Mouse   When You Reach Me   Going Bovine
The American Library Association announced their awards for the best children’s books published in 2009.  The University of Dubuque Curriculum Library has the latest Caldecott and Newbery medal books and the Michael Printz winner for best young adult book.  Following is a list of the major winners, including the books that are currently on order (as of February 1, 2010).   

Leveled Books - 8th Grade

Third Book

Leveled Books - 8th Grade