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20 Multicultural Books Every Child Should Know

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I Love My Hair!
Halmoni and the
Tar Beach

The Cooperative Children’s Book Center, School of Education, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has compiled a list of important multicultural books.

Here is a list of the ones available in the Curriculum Library.  These will be especially useful for students in Edu 119, Human Relations.

Multicultural Books–Appropriate or Inappropriate?

Students in the Human Relations class, Edu 119, often ask library staff about finding multicultural books that are either appropriate or inappropriate for classroom use.  You will find many, many multicultural books for children in the Curriculum Library but it is up to each student to decide whether they are appropriate or not, using the criteria your instructor gives you.  Some of the points you may want to consider are:

When was the book written?  Is a contemporary book likely to be more culturally sensitive than one written 20 years ago?

Is the author part of the ethnic group featured in the book?  If that information is not available in the notes or bookflaps, do a Google search to find out more about the author.  If the author is not part of that ethnic group, has he or she done extensive research?  Are there sources listed?

Are the illustrations stereotypical or dated?

Is the language respectful or condescending?    Is negative language necessary for the development of plot or characters?

Are the characters stereotyped or individualized?  Some examples of stereotypes are: the noble savage, the lazy Mexican sleeping under a cactus, the loving black mammy. 

Here are some lists which may help you decide: “Multicultural Books 1925-1985,” “20 Multicultural Books Every Child Should Know,” and “Multicultural Picture Books.”  The last one includes comments from reviews.  Print copies of these lists are available in the Curriculum Library.

Titles from: “A Sampler of Books to Invite Careful Listening”

The Curriculum Library owns several books listed in the booklist entitled “A Sampler of Books to Invite Careful Listening.”  They are listed below with the call numbers:

Dyer, Jane.  Animal Crackers; A Delectable Collection of Poems.  CL 808.81 Dye71a 1996

Fleming, Denise. Barnyard Banter.  CLX f PS 3556 L438b 2008

Greenfield, Eloise.  Honey I Love. CL 811 Gre46h 1986

Hoberman, Mary Ann.  One of Each.  CL Pic Hob47o 1997

Mahy, Margaret.  17 Kings and 42 Elephants.  CL Pic Mah95 1987

Riley, Linnea.  Mouse Mess.  CL Pic Ril49m 1997

Other books of poetry may also meet the criteria of  using language in a unique and original way, with an emphasis on word play or figures of speech.  Examples of poems in both Spanish and English are:

Argueta, Jorge.  Sopa de Frijoles: Bean Soup.  CL 811.54 Arg 84s 2009

Alarcon, Francisco.  From the Bellybutton of the Moon and other Summer Poems.  CL 811.54 Ala73r 1998

Alarcon, Francisco.  Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems.  CL 811.54 Ala73l 1997


Review of _Remember Little Bighorn_

Walker, Paul Robert.  Remember Little Bighorn: Indians, Soldiers, and Scouts Tell Their Stories.  Washington: National Geographic, 2006   CL 972.8 Wal54r 2006



My review: This absorbing history of the Battle of Little Bighorn includes details of the background and circumstances of the battle as well as the aftermath.  Accounts by many survivors on both sides help Walker to present a balanced account.  He makes plain, though he does not emphasize, that the real driving force behind the fight for the Black Hills was “the news that set America on fire” (p. 11) —  white miners’ excitement over and  greed for gold. The firsthand accounts are vivid and moving and give a real sense of the violence of the battle and the agony of both the soldiers, under George Custer and Marcus Reno, and the Indians, under Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.  There is a foreword by John Doerner, Chief Historian for Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.  Contemporary drawings by Indian survivors and by George Catlin give a sense of action and immediacy that contrasts with the rather stiff photographs of the period.   There is also an extremely helpful topographical map that gives the probable movements of both Army and Indian groups. Indexed.  Selected sources include, among others: Fox, Richard Allan. Archaeology, History, and Custer’s Last Battle.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1993. 

Greene, Jerome A., ed.  Lakota and Cheyenne.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1994.

Hardoff, Richard G., comp. and ed.  Indian Views of the Custer Fight.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2005.

The Lexile number is 1170, so this book, although in picture book format, is best for middle and even high school. As a high school junior, my son wrote a report on Crazy Horse, and had difficulty finding sources in his school library or the public library where I was the director at the time.  Too bad this excellent book was not available to him—it’s only 27 years too late!

Edu 119 Native American Films

Here is a list of films about Native Americans that are appropriate for use in Education 119,  Human Relations.  Films that are on the shelf may be taken out of the library, but [lease keep in mind that reserve films  are available for in-library use only.  You may view reserve films in the media room, L207, or with headphones at a public computer.  Ask at the Circulation Desk, providing Ms. Brandel’s name and the title of the film you wish to check out.

You may watch reserve films in the Media Viewing Room (Library 207), or on any library computer if you provide your own headphones.   Library laptops, available for in-library use, will also play DVDs. Either provide your own headphones or watch in a study room.

Here’s the list:

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, 2007;  Columbus Didn’t Discover Us, 1992;  Moccasin Flats, 1992;  When Your Hand Are Tied, 2006 ;  I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind, 2007;  Walking with Grandfather Grey Wolf and Little Mouse Sister, 2006,  In the White Man’s Image 2007;  Geronimo and the Apache Resistance, 2007;   Our Spirits Don’t Speak English Boarding School, 2008;   Wacipi Powwow, VHS; The Shadow of Hate, VHS; A Time for Justice, VHS.

Please comment on what you think of these films.  Are they interesting, useful or informative?

Books on Special Needs–Education 365

These books, recommended for Education 365, are now available in the A.Y. McDonald Curriculum Library and the Charles C. Myers Library.  Please check catalog for location.

Watch for the following books, available now! (Fall 2011):

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine–Asperger’s.  CL Fic Ers55m 2010

Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon–visual impairment. CL Pic Lyo50p 2010

After Ever After by Sonnenblick, Jordan– living with cancer. CL YA Son64a 2011

Five Flavors of Dumb by Jon Antony–deafness and speech impairment. CL YA Joh46f 2010

My Big Fat Manifesto by Susan Vaught– Fat acceptance. CL YA Vau44m 2009

These are new since our 2010 update:

Mindblind by Jennifer Roy CL YA Roy0m 2011

Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy   RJ 506 .A9 M425 2008

Laurie by Elfi Nijssen and Eline van Lindenhuizen. CL Pic Nij77i 2010

Anything but Typical by Nora Baskin CL Fic Bas55a 2009

My Sister Alicia May by Nancy Tupper Ling CL Pic Tup74m 2009

Abby’s Asthma and the Big Race  by Theresa Martin Golding  CL Pic Gol35a 2009

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler CL YA Mac55e 2006

Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork CL YA Sto75m 2009 This book is a “Best Books for Young Adults” winner!

One Child   CL RJ499 .H398 1981
After the Tears by Simon Robin   HQ 759.913 .S56 1987
A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer   HV 883 .C2 P45 1995
A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer   HV 833.C2 P47 1999
The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer   HV 881.P45 1997
My Brother is Special by Maureen Wartski   CL Fic War87m 1981
So B. It by Sarah Weeks   CL Fic Wee57s 2004
Alice with Golden Hair   CL YA Hul5a 1982
The deep cut / by Spain, Susan Rosson   CL Fic Spa56d 2006
A Corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin   CL Fic Mar85e 2002
A Face in Every Window by Han Nolan   CL YA Nol36f 1999
The Wild Kid by Harry Mazer   CL YA Maz47w 1998
My Louisiana Sky by Kimberly Willis Holt   CL Fic Hol80m 1998
Tru Confessions by Janet Tasjian   CL Fic Tas55t 1997
Big Brother Dustin by Alden Carter   CL Pic Car84b 1997
Veronica’s First Year by Jean Rheingrover   CL Pic Rhe56v 1996
Beautiful Child by Torey Hayden   CL LA 2317 .H485 A3 2003
Ghost Girl by Torey Hayden   CL BF 1548 .H39 1992
Just Another Kid by Torey Hayden   CL LC 4631 .H39 1989
Somebody Else’s Kids by Torey L. Hayden   CL LB 1028.8 .H39 1981
Tiger’s Child by Torey Hayden   CL RJ 507 .A29 H39 1995
Dibs in Search of Self by Virginia Maxline   CL RJ 506 .M87 A84 1967
Twilight Children by Torey Hayden   CL RJ 507 .A29 H392 2006
With Love from Karen by Marie Killilea   CL RC 388 .K55 1963
Karen by Marie Killilea   CL RJ 496 .P3 K5 1999
Joey and Sam by Illana Katz   CL Pic Kat90j 1993
Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson   CL PicTho47a 1996

The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd CL Fic Dow30l 2007

Rules by Cynthia Lord  CL Fic Lor30r 2006

Don’t Forget Tom by Hanne Larsen.  CL 362.7 Lar74d 1978

Finding a Common Language: Children Living with Deafness by Thomas Bergman.  CL 362.4 Ber45f 1989

Friends in the Park by Rochelle Bunnett. CL Pic Bun54f 1992

Joey Pigza Swallowed a Key by Jack Gantos.  CL Fic Gan86j 1998

Let’s Talk about It: Extraordinary Friends by Fred Rogers.  CL 362.4 Rog47e 2000

Lisa and Her Soundless World by Edna Levine.  CL 362.7 Lew56l 1974

Pay Attention, Slosh! by Mark Smith.  CL FIC Smi85p 1997

Seeing in Special Ways: Children Living with Blindness by Thomas Bergman.  CL 362.4 Ber45s 1989 

The Seer by David Stahler CL Fic Sta45s 2007

Someone Special, Just Like You by Tricia Brown.  CL 362.4 Bro86s 1982

Spider’s Voice by Gloria Skurzynski  CL YA Sku79s 1999

Truesight by David Stahler CL Fic Sta45s 20074

Veronica’s First Year by Jean Rheingrover  CL Pic Rhe56v 1996

We Can Do It! by Laura Dwight.  CL 305.90 Dwi44w 1992

The Wild Kid by Harry Mazer CL YA Maz47w 1998

Can you hear a rainbow? : the story of a deaf boy named Chris  by Jamee Heelan CL 362.4 Hee43c 2002


“Just give him the whale!” : 20 ways to use fascinations, areas of expertise, and strengths to support students with autism / by Paula Kluth  CL LC 4718 .K577 2008

Owning it : stories about teens with disabilities / by Donald Gallo CL YA Own56 2008

Foreign films (for Human Relations Edu119)

This list of foreign films is the result of a catalog search for DVDs with the subject heading foreign films.  It will include new foreign films as they are added to the collection.  You can also search the catalog by using the name of a country and limiting your search to DVDs.

Fantasy Picture Books

Fantasy Picture Books

Realistic Picture Books

Realistic Picture Books