Student Involvement Information

The University of Dubuque offers four independent Aviation groups and organizations on campus. These groups are Alpha Eta Rho Upsilon Delta Chapter (AHP-UD), a chapter of Women in Aviation (WAI), the University of Dubuque Flight Team, and a chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). All four of these organizations offer networking and career building experiences both inside and outside of Dubuque.

Alpha Eta Rho Upsilon Delta Chapter (AHP-UD)

Alpha Eta Rho is a professional aviation fraternity. It is a non-profit organization that operates on an international level. To be a part of this fraternity is much different than other fraternities or sororities. As members of Alpha Eta Rho, students participate in service projects, especially those that have to do with aviation, and work to further the cause of the aviation industry.

As active members of Alpha Eta Rho, students have the opportunity to attend the national conference. The 2017 conference was held in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference provides the opportunity to network with potential employers, as well as fellow aviation students from across the country. This is a great setting to compare and gather information and obtain helpful tips or hints on navigating potential career paths.  Members network, compare stories, and enjoy fellowship with a great group of people with the same interests and goals. The 2018 National Annual Conference will be held in Memphis, Tennessee. This should be another eventful and exciting conference.

Alpha Eta Rho shares a close bond with those in the fraternity and is always looking for new, dedicated and energetic male and female members. 

Women in Aviation, International (WAI)

Girls in Aviation Day, 2017

The University of Dubuque Chapter of Women in Aviation, International is an organization that focuses primarily on networking, career advancement, and community outreach and service. Women in Aviation is open to both men and women. The students and the Chapter Advisor, Professor Polly Kadolph, attend the International Women in Aviation Conference each year. Students are required to make business cards and have an updated resume to attend the conference with the chapter. These tools serve to be very useful throughout the event, as students have the opportunity to meet with many different vendors and companies including Airbus, United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Lufthansa, military branches, and other universities. This past year, UD students were able to attain class credit for their work in preparation to attend the conference in Florida. The 2018 conference will be held in Reno, Nevada. 

This organization does not only work towards career advancements, but also has a high focus on community outreach. Members are asked to log community service hours and as a group are often involved in non-profit or fundraising events. One event that Women in Aviation took part in was the Girls in Aviation Day that was held at the Flight Operations Center in September. The organization hosted girls from the surrounding area to learn about flight and aviation through fun activities and hands-on experience. The event was a successful and enjoyable experience for all involved.

One of the advantages of being a member of Women in Aviation is that it does not end after graduation. The members of this organization are diverse - something that makes WAI so special. With the many different backgrounds and positions, the opportunity to learn from those in the profession and their experiences is networking at its finest. Not only are members able to offer each other advice, to teach and learn from each other, they work together to better the industry and encourage and inspire future aviators. 

The University of Dubuque Flight Team

The University of Dubuque Flight Team is a great way to connect with your fellow flight students on campus. Flight Team has an opportunity to compete in two competitions per academic year: regional and national.  Upon success at the regional level in the fall, Flight Team would be invited to the national competition in the spring. The Flight Team competes in various events including power-off and short field landings, aircraft recognition, message drop, navigation, SCAN, Ground Trainer (simulator), and E6B computer accuracy competitions.

In addition to competitions, the Flight Team focuses on community outreach. One way this is done is through the annual fly-in pancake breakfast held at the Dubuque Regional Airport. This year the Flight Team hosted the annual breakfast in the Iowa hangar. The breakfasts are always very successful events that the university and community members enjoy. In addition to attendants from the Dubuque community, visitors have come from all across Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and even Canada. The visiting aircraft are parked and displayed on the UD ramp, and a UD C172 is on display inside the hangar. Young kids, aspiring future aviators, along with anyone who is interested, are free to walk around, ask questions, and take pictures. This is a fun event for the UD Flight Team to share their passion, and also for community members to get an inside look at what is flying over their homes. The Flight Team enjoys hosting the breakfast each spring and looks to keep the tradition going for years to come.

The UD Flight Team is always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated teammates.  Try-outs are held each fall for prospective members.

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)‌
Group photo 2017

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is a national organization that fosters airport executives and acts as a prevailing voice in Washington, D.C. for U.S. airports. The organization works to teach and educate present and future professionals to further understand what it takes to run an airport in the U.S., and how to develop and become a leader in the airport industry. 

AAAE has student chapters across the country and UD has the unique opportunity to be the home of one of these chapters.  Students are encouraged to become members of AAAE and to participate on many different levels and platforms.  AAAE promotes leadership among young professionals; it is a prestigious organization to be associated with in the aviation industry.  Becoming a member of AAAE allows an individual to become a Certified Member and eventually an Accredited Airport Executive.  AAAE also offers seminars, webinars, and conferences year round pertinent to the greatest ideals affecting airports today.  It also gives members access to the member directory, a vital form of networking information.  Members can also apply for various scholarships offered by AAAE throughout the year.  Even more so, members have access to the AAAE career page, where airports and private companies are continually posting career opportunities.  Becoming a member also subscribes one to the AAAE magazine.  The benefits and opportunities of joining AAAE are unending.