Study after study clearly states that effectiveness in communication skills is the most important core competency employers are looking for in college graduates—regardless of their major. So imagine what it could mean for your career if you could major in the very area that makes you the most desirable to an employer.

Communication plays an increasingly important role in personal, family, and organizational success. The mission of the Communication Department at the University of Dubuque is to develop students' theory-based insights and analytical, speaking, and performance competencies necessary to broaden and enhance their ability to think critically and communicate well.

The major and minor in communication reflect the University of Dubuque’s Mission by offering a multi-faceted program that begins with analysis of basic principles of communication. Advanced coursework permits students to develop competence in concentrated areas of Organizational Communication, Public Relations, and Media Studies.

Students who chose to major or minor in communication will develop skills vital to their success as effective communicators in interpersonal, group, public speaking, professional and performance situations.

The Student Learning Outcomes for a Communication major are:

  • Speak clearly and expressively as well as research and select appropriate supporting material, and apply effective organizing methods.
  • Capably articulate the challenge and complexity of cultural adaptation necessary to engage in intercultural Communication.
  • Receive, interpret, and appropriately respond in varied communication contexts in dyadic and small group settings.
  • Distinguish among statements of fact, inference, and opinion; between emotional and logical arguments; and between objective and biased discourse in different kinds of mediated, organizational, and public messages.
  • Plot a desired communication career path and adapt it as needed to a relevant communicative context.

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