The Computer Graphics/Interactive Media's Bachelor of Science degree is offered for students who will integrate studies in fine arts, graphic design, communication, computer science, the Web, and animation. Students will learn fundamentals and advanced concepts in such areas as drawing, illustration, graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, storyboarding, multimedia authoring, web design, web imaging and animation, and team-based projects. The curriculum is designed with flexibility and innovation in both content and delivery.

The Computer Graphics/Interactive Media major requires:

AR111: Survey of World Art 1
AR112: Survey of World Art 2
BA100: Introduction to Business
BA340: Advertising
CG131: Desktop Publishing
CG231: Web Publishing
CG331: 3D Animation
CG491: Senior Seminar in Computer Graphics/Interactive Media
CI101: Introduction to Computers
CO250: Introduction to Mass Communication
CO310: Organizational Communication
CO320: Intercultural Communication
CO350: Language Choice and Communication Barriers

Thirty hours chosen from:

CI202: Introduction to Computer Information Systems
CI231: Visual Basic Programming
CI303: Data Communication Networks
CI332: Database Systems
CG141: Multimedia Authoring
CG241: 2D Animation
CG332: Advanced Web Design
CG333: Advanced 2D Animation
CG334: Advanced 3D Animation
CG377: Special Topics in Computer Graphics/Interactive Media (may be taken twice)
CG391/392: Team Project in Computer Graphics/Interactive Media (may be taken twice)
CG385/386/485/486: Internship