Sport Marketing and Management

Sport Marketing & Management

The Sport Marketing & Management program is committed to providing excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, technical skills, and conceptual understanding of contemporary sport marketing and management to students. The Sport Marketing & Management program uses an interdisciplinary approach that includes foundation courses in both sport and business. Specific courses in the Sport Marketing & Management program provide students with an understanding of the role of sports in society, the role of marketing and management in sports, and the opportunities to apply their knowledge in sports-related organizations.

Upon successful completion of the program students will demonstrate strong preparation and skills in marketing, media relations, event planning/management, public relations, technology, and business organizational structures. The Sport Marketing & Management program seeks to combine a strong foundation in theory and practice in preparing the student for advanced degree programs or entry level careers in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, the marketing and management of professional sport, collegiate sport and administration, recreation and leisure studies, retail, marketing and promotions, sport communications and others.

Each student majoring in Sport Marketing & Management must complete an internship in a setting that best reflects the professional interests of the student, such as not-for-profit sport agencies, sport marketing companies, professional or semi-professional sports organizations, fitness centers, or sport-governing bodies (e.g., IIAC or NCAA offices).

Curriculum (56 credits):

Foundation Courses
HWS 100: Introduction to HWS (careers course) (2 cr)
HWS 105: Social-Historical Foundations of American Sport (3 cr)
HWS 202: Sports Facility and Event Management (3 cr)
PRF 201: Career Preparation (1 cr)  

HWS 342: Management and Leadership in Sports Organizations (3 cr)
BAC 201: Principles of Management (3 cr)
HWS 320: Sports Promotion and Sales Management (3 cr)

Economics, Accounting and Finance
BAC 120: Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr)
BAC 160: Principles of Microeconomics (3 cr)
BAC 241: Financial Accounting (3 cr)
BAC 242: Managerial Accounting (3 cr)
BAC 300: Principles of Finance (3 cr)

Marketing & Communication
BAC 280: Principles of Marketing (3 cr)
HWS 280: Sports Marketing (3 cr)
HWS 340: Media Relations in Sport (3 cr)       
BAC 340: Effective Communications in Business (3 cr)

 Law & Ethics
HWS 421: Sports Law and Ethics (3 cr)
HWS 471: Sports Administration, Governance, and Compliance (3 cr)
HWS 495: Senior Seminar (2 cr) 

HWS 485/86/87: Internship (3 cr) 

Plan of Study
Sport Marketing & Management



Semester One
HWS 100 Intro to HWS (2 cr)
BAC 120 Macro (3 cr)

Semester Two
HWS 105 Foundations(3 cr)
BAC 160 Micro (3 cr)
Sophomore Year
Semester One
HWS 202 Facilities & Event Management (3 cr)
BAC 241 Acct I (3 cr)
BAC 280 Marketing (3 cr)  
Semester Two
HWS 280 Sports Marketing (3 cr)
BAC 242 Acct II (3 cr)
BAC 340 Eff Comm (3 cr)  
Junior Year
Semester One
HWS 320 Sports Promotion and Sales Management (3 cr)
BAC 201 Management (3 cr)
HWS 340: Media Relations in Sport (3 cr)
PRF 201 Career Preparation (1 cr)
Semester Two
HWS 421 Sports Law and Ethics (3 cr)
HWS 342 Management and Leadership in Sports Organizations(3 cr)
BAC 300 Finance (3 cr)
Senior Year
Semester One
HWS 471 Sports Administration, Governance, and Compliance (3 cr)
HWS485/86/87 Internship (3 cr)
Semester Two
HWS 495 Senior Seminar (2 cr)

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