Philosophy, Politics and History

The Department of Philosophy, Politics and History is a vibrant community of faculty and students engaged in discussion of ideas, people, and events that have shaped, and continue to shape, our cultures and lives.  Learning from both current and past events, we explore the social, political, and ethical challenges we face today.  We welcome you to join us.  Through majoring in Philosophy and Ethics or in Politics, or minoring in History, or in combining any of these with other majors, you will hone skills required for success in many professions.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Department of Philosophy, Politics, and History is oriented toward intellectual hospitality. We welcome and equip students to join a disciplined conversation about the human condition, about the obligations of citizenship, and about the power of history to shape our lives. Rather than mastering a specific body of content, we emphasize

  • rigorous thinking,
  • attentive reading,
  • careful writing,
  • and diligent research.

These are the skills students need to listen carefully to what has already been said by others, to discern what is and is not part of the discussion, and to contribute their own voices. These foundational skills are crucial for life-long learning.

Our offerings support the Mission of the University by helping students understand the University’s Christian religious and philosophical tradition, along with other traditions, and by equipping them to be ethical stewards of the gifts and resources God has given to humankind.

Our Programs

  • BA, Philosophy & Ethics
  • BA, Politics
  • Minors: African American Studies, History, Philosophy & Ethics, Politics

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