The Theology Program offers a transformative theological education that prepares students for lives of service in the church and world. Students earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theology expand and deepen their understanding of the Bible and Christian theology, develop leadership skills, and explore a living faith. 


Students who complete this major will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Bible, its content, genres, and historical-cultural contexts

  • Interpret biblical texts using scholarly methods

  • Describe the central and interrelated features of Christian theology.

  • Interpret primary and secondary theological artifacts critically, charitably, and contextually.

  • Describe, examine, and implement Christian beliefs and formative practices in the context of their vocational lives.

  • Integrate theories with practices essential to Christian service and leadership.

  • Faithfully and imaginatively analyze contemporary issues in light of the biblical witness and Christian tradition.

  • Apply excellent moral character and professional ethics in their service to the church and world.

University of Dubuque Theology Faculty Research