Master in Management - Sport Management

The Master in Management - Sport Management is a 30 credit hour program offered in an 8-week-per-course format

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The Master in Management - Sport Management (MMSM) is designed to reflect the latest advances in the field of the business of sport, presenting an applied and practical approach to skills and knowledge critical to success in the industry. Through its broad but rigorous curriculum, the program develops leadership abilities and administrative proficiencies with an eye towards sport management, aiding the development of a specialized and comprehensive skill-set. This degree will prepare students for careers in Sport Management, Recreational Management, Facility Management, as well as other administrative careers in the tourism, recreation and sport areas. As this is meant to be an applied program, students will finish their degree program by completing a comprehensive capstone seminar that ties work experience to both classroom theory and the CAS standards in Internship. If students have the desire to pursue terminal degree studies after completion of this degree, thesis projects will also be considered in place of the capstone experience. As with all Masters in Management programs, the MMSM is grounded in Wendt standards of compassion, integrity and justice.

The MMSM is a 30 credit hour program. Courses are offered in 8 week formats in a hybrid delivery model. Students attend class one night a week for the 8 weeks as well as given rich assignments that help them explore independently (or in groups), important course learning outcomes.

MMSM Program Highlights

  • The program is built based on intensive industry research
  • Focuses on in-depth day-to-day managerial operation within a sport management context
  • Provides hands-on experience enriched by most recent theories in the field
  • Applied internship requirement
  • Students can complete their program of study within one year (accelerated format)
  • The program allows credit for life learning experience

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