Achievement of Program Goals

Program Goals  

Means of Success

1. Prepare competent and skilled PAs who pass the PANCE examination

The MSPAS program will follow the NCCPA template in its construction of didactic and clinical course content, striving to exceed the NCCPA National Standards. The PANCE first-time pass rate report is posted on this website.

2. Prepare our graduates for careers as compassionate, capable, and caring PA-Cs

The MSPAS faculty and preceptors will foster compassionate and capable care by monitoring students throughout the program. Students will be evaluated through mock patient and mid- and end-preceptor evaluations of the student.

3. Maintain instructional quality by ongoing self-assessment and corrective action

Throughout didactic and clinical phases the MSPAS program will assess courses and student performance by means of instructor evaluations, student performance, objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE’s), and exams, applying corrections to content and policies as warranted and reviewed by program faculty, committees, and affirmed by its PA Advisory Board.