J-TERM 2020

Session Dates: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to Thursday, January 23, 2020
(Classes will be held on Monday, January 20, Martin Luther King Day) 

Mission Statement

Courses uphold the overall Mission of the University of Dubuque in several ways:

  • Lifelong learning: J-Term is an opportunity for UD students to have a unique learning experience not available in the fall, spring, or summer terms. J-Term focuses on a single course providing opportunity for intense engagement with both peers and the subject. The J-Term experience equips students to be learners who can profit from accelerated, experiential learning throughout their lives.
  • Diverse learning styles: J-Term offers courses that engage visual, auditory, kinesthetic-tactile, and reading/writing learners.
  • Relationships which encourage intellectual, spiritual, and moral development: J-Term courses provide an in-depth, focused learning opportunity often with service components.
  • Programs for both under-prepared and advanced-placement students: J-Term provides additional time for under-prepared students to strengthen their academic skills. It is also a time for faculty to offer courses targeted to serve advanced students.
  • Programming for vocation: J-Term can provide opportunities for students to explore vocational possibilities via service learning, travel, and concentrated explorations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is J-Term required?
J-Term is now optional for all University of Dubuque students who are enrolled in a degree program.

Do I have to be an enrolled UD Student?
Participation in J-Term is generally limited to University of Dubuque students who are enrolled in a degree program. Students who are attending another college or who are non-degree-seeking and wish to enroll in a UD J-Term course must receive permission from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. Non-University of Dubuque students will be charged the current part-time student tuition rate and all fees associated with the course.

New (to UD) spring term students may enroll in J-Term, but will be charged tuition and any fees associated with the course. This tuition will be applied to their spring bill once the student has attended spring term classes through the first 10 days.

Any student who completes degree requirements in a J-Term may be eligible for graduation at the end of the spring term that follows.

How much is J-Term and when are payments due?
J-Term tuition is included in full-time tuition. There is a $210 J-Term fee which covers general course fees, excluding textbook and any other costs associated with travel courses.

Full-time tuition covers 16-3-16 credits – 16 credits in Fall and Spring terms and 3 credits in J-Term.  

    1. Students must be registered for 12 or more credits in the Fall or Spring terms (2019-20) to qualify for up to three (3) tuition-free J-Term credits
    2. Campus housing and meal plans are included as part of full-time student’s room & board contract.
    3. J-Term tuition for non-UD students is standard tuition rate.

Courses with a travel component require a non-refundable deposit to reserve a seat in the course.  Please consult instructor for details on due dates for payment.  Students will not qualify for J-Term courses with a travel component if unpaid balances from a previous term are due in the Student Accounts office.

Please check with the Office of Student Financial Planning to verify your eligibility for additional loan funds, if needed.                               

How and when do I register for a J-Term 2020 course?
Registration will open in April when students register for Fall 2019 courses - Students will not be permitted to register for a J-Term course after the first class meeting of the J-Term session.

All students wishing to register for a J-Term course can register online via MyUD or in the Registrar’s Office.  

Non-UD students need to obtain permission from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies (Severance Hall 119) prior to submitting a registration form to the Registrar’s Office (Myers Teaching and Administration Center, Room 325). 

Course descriptions include the maximum enrollment number.  As classes will fill “first come, first served”, students are encouraged to register early.

How many courses can I take?
The very nature of a J-Term course is concentrated and accelerated with strong emphasis on experiential learning and out-of-class preparation time. Therefore, students may take only one J-Term course per term to receive the full 3-credit benefit.

How do I find a description of J-Term courses and check to see if there are prerequisites?
J-Term course descriptions are available online. Check often for new courses added. Course prerequisites, if applicable, are listed at the end of each course description.

Are there any special requirements for J-Term courses?  
Any J-Term course with an off-campus component will require several items:

  1. Accident & Health Insurance – the cost of this coverage is included in the course fee
  2. Waiver & Release Agreements – student may not participate until this agreement is completed
  3. Valid Passport – for travel outside the United States

Specific details on study/travel J-Term courses can be obtained from the course instructor.

What are the add/drop/withdrawal and attendance policies for J-Term courses? 

  1. Adding a course must be done no later than the first class meeting of the course.
    With instructor permission, a course may be added through the second class meeting.
  2. Students can drop a course through the second day of the J-Term session. 
  3. Students may withdraw from a course through the ninth day of the session.  To withdraw, a student must complete a withdrawal card and submit the card to the Registrar’s Office.  Withdrawal from a course does not affect the student’s grade point average and no credit hours are received.  
  4. No incomplete grades will be allowed for J-Term courses.  All coursework must be completed by the end of the term.
  5. If a student has not attended class by the second day of the term, the student will be dropped from the course.

Due to the accelerated pace of J-Term (1 day of class = 1 week), students must attend every class meeting and participate fully in the J-Term experience.  J-Term classes may not be audited and incomplete grades are not an option.

Absences due to employment or school sponsored events will NOT be accepted.  Students are advised to plan schedules around class meeting times as well as allowing 2-3 hours of daily preparation time when not in class.

How do I apply for financial aid? 
Financial aid is available in the form of loans for the J-Term session for undergraduate students who receive assistance during the Fall 2019 term. Current UD students on financial aid should visit with a financial aid administrator to learn more about how J-Term enrollment may affect overall eligibility.  

For more details, please contact the Office of Student Financial Planning in the Charles & Romona Myers Center, Room 342 or by calling 563.589.3170.

Where can I obtain information about housing and meal plans?
Campus housing and meal plans for J-Term are included as part of full-time students’ room and board contract.

  1. J-Term meal plan reflects same terms selected for Spring 2020 meal plan (meals/day)
  2. There is no billing for J-Term meals except when student drops J-Term class
  3. If a student drops or withdraws from J-Term course, they may continue to live in the residence hall at the discretion of the Director of Residence Living.  The student will be billed for housing and meals on a pro-rated basis.
  4. If a student drops below full-time status in the Spring 2020 term (11 or less credits), the student will be retroactively billed for J-Term tuition, room, and board.
  5. Housing for just J-Term will not be allowed if student does not have Fall/Spring residence contract.
  6. A meal plan for just J-Term is not available.
  7. Students not taking a J-Term course are allowed into housing under Spring 2020 move-in policy.

For other questions or general information about housing and meal plans, please call the Office of Residence Life, 563.589.3438.

Who can I contact with other questions about J-Term?
If you have questions about J-Term, please contact:

  1. the Office of the Registrar at 563.589.3178
  2. the J-Term Coordinator, Dr. Joe Green, 119 Severance, 563.589.3750

Please Note:
Course offerings are contingent on course enrollments. The decision to offer/cancel a course will be made by the end of the registration period for Spring term, November 14, 2019.

This page is based on information available at the time and is subject to change.