Policies and Procedures

Medical Clearance

1.  All first year participants in intercollegiate athletics at UD must have a completed physical exam (PPE) performed by a medical physician (MD/DO), physician's assistant, or a nurse practitioner (under the direction of a physician).  Also, a baseline SCAT test is required, which can be done by the physician who preformed the PPE or will be done by a Certified Athletic Trainer when you arrive on campus.  The athletic PPE must be done after June 1 of the incoming academic year.


a.  UD Medical Questionnaire Physical Exam Form is the only form accepted.

b.  Intercollegiate Athletic PPE must be completed by a physician (MD/DO), physician's assistant, or a nurse practitioner (under the direction of a physician)

c.  Sickle cell testing is required as indicated on the PPE, proof must be attached to the PPE

Proof can be obtained:
Birth records (heel prick as an infant)...hemaglobinopathy, sickle cell, etc...
New test if birth records cannot be found

d.  HMG/HCT testing is required as indicated on the PPE

e.  PPE will not be accepted on other forms or if performed by Chiroprators.

f.    Intercollegiate Athletic Assumption of Risk & University's Waiver and Release Consent Form must be completed (last page of PPE).

2.  All returning participants in intercollegiate athletics mist complete the Returning Athlete Questionnaire PRIOR to NCAA rules.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.  All student-athletes each year must complete and return the Emergency and Medical Information form; including a copy of their medical insurance card to the Medical Coordinator by August 1st of each academic year.

4.  The University of Dubuque Team Physicians and Athletic Training Staff make FINAL MEDICAL CLEARANCE.  NO participation is allowed until medical clearance is officially authorized and NCAA rules have been completed.


 UD Athletic Insurance

1.  Your health insurance is considered the primary insurance and all medical bills with be submitted to your insurance.

2.  UD carries a Secondary athletic insurance policy for UD athletic related injuries

3.  After your bills have been submitted to your insruance carrier and returned to you, the bills and explanations of benefits (EOBs) should be submitted to the Medical Coordinator or to the Secondary Medical Insurance.

4.  In order for an athletic injury to be submitted to the Secondary insurance carrier, the injury must be evaluated by the Athletic Training staff immediately.

5.  UD Athletic Insurance has a $500 deductible per injury.  If this deductible is not met by payment of medical bills through your personal insurance, you will be responsible for payment of the balance up to $500 prior to UD athletic insurance being initiated for payment.  UD athletic insurance will not pay any medical bills until the deductible is met.


Injury and Illness

The student-athlete is responsible for reporting all injuries and illnesses to the athletic training room for treatment or referral on the day of occurance.  The Medical Coordinator will make all necessary medical referrals.  The student-athlete is not permitted to seek medical attention without prior authorization except in case of an emergency.

If you choose to get a second opinion without prior approval, you are financially responsible and the UD Medical Team will have FINAL clearance for participation.  You will also be required to take a Physician Referral form.


Athletic Training Room Procedures

1.  Report All injuries and illnesses immediately to the Athletic Training Staff.  Early treatment of injuries can keep you playing.

2.  Check-in daily for ALL injury evaluations, treatments, taping and wound care (if rehad is required must show up in an appropriate time frame.  For example, all treatment must be completed 15 minutes before the start of practice time.)

3.  Atheltic Training coverage will be provided on site at games and practices by both Certified Athletic Trainers and Student Athletic Trainers as designated by the Certified Athletic Training Staff.

4.  Injuries will be evaluated and the course of treatment will be determined at that time.

5.  Injuries will be treated/rehabilitated in the athletic training room by Certified Athletic Training Staff.

6.  If you have an illness or skin condidtion report to Medical Coordinator early in the morning so appropriate appointment can be scheduled in a timely manner.


Athletic Training Room Rules

1.  Wear gym trunks or shorts and shirts at all times in the athletic training room.  Do not wear or bring equipment into the athletic training room.

2.  Athletes are expected to stay out of supplies in the athletic training room.  DO NOT HELP YOURSELF!  If you need something please ASK.  Do not give yourself treatment.  Do not tamper with therapeutic equipment, rehabilitaion equipment and/or supplies.

3.  No self-treatments or taping will be permitted.

4.  When you being treatment and rehabilitation for an injury, you will continue treatment daily until you are released by the athletic trainer or physician.

5.  Student-Athletes are expected to shower after practice before entering the athletic training room for post-practice treatment.  This will be enforced.

6.  Avoid horseplay, inappropriate language and unnecessary confusion.  If you want to be treated like an adult, then you must act like an adult.  Treat the staff with courtesy and respect, and you will be treated the same.

7.  No cell phones or electronic devices allowed, unless a family emergency.

8.  No spikes or any type of cleats are allowed in the athletic training room.

9.  No chewing, spitting or tobacco products are allowed in the athletic training room.

10.  No food or drink is allowed in the athletic training room.

11.  Mouth guards are required for football and lacrosses and highly recommended for all other contact/high risk sports.  If a dental injury is sustained during practice or competition and you are not wearing a mouth guard, our secondary school insurance will not cover any expenses incurred and you will be responsible for all medical bills associated with the injury.  It is important that you wear one, as it could possibly prevent head and dental injuries.

12.  An injury is not an excuse for missing practice.  If possible, all treatment and rehabilitation must be done prior to practice or after practice.  Only those student-athletes with injuries who have been cleared for treatment and rehabilitation during practice by the Medical Coordinator or Athletic Trainer are allowed to miss practice.

Note: An injury for which you are received treatment in the athletic training room is not an excuse to be late to practice or competition.

Treatment must be completed before or after practice or competition.



The athletic training room policy is first come, first serve for all student-athletes.  It is impossible to get you on the field or court if you come in 15 minutes before practice or competition.  As a student-athlete you are expected to arrive early enought to complete the entire treatment/rehab program before practice.  Do not use treatment as an excuse for being late.  You are required to be at treatment times unless discontinued by Athletic Training Staff.

Note: Failure to report for treatments and rehabilition will be interpreted as individuals' unwillingness to return to participation.  These situations will be reported on the coaches injury report. 


Referral to Outside Medical Services

All student-athletes who are deemed necessary to attain care from a medical source outside of the athletic training room must do the following:

1.  Be evaluated by a Certified Athletic Trainer

2.  Be referred by a Certified Athletic Trainer to the Medical Coordinator for referral to an outside medical service.

3.  Take referral form to all medical, dental, eye, etc... appointments and return to the Medical Coordinator.

Note: if the preceding steps are not preformed UD's athletic insurance will not pay and the Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Staff will not be able to maintain adequate records and monitor your progress.