Counseling & Life Services

Pathways to a Meaningful Life: Supporting One's Gifts, Strengths, and Talents

Contact Information

Emergency: 911

National Suicide Prevention Line: 800.273.8255 

UD's Counseling Services: schedule an appointment; Bushra Upal, Dr. Andrew Simcox, or Dr. Ann Simcox, 563.589.3911. All calls are answered by our confidential answering service 24/7. 

*Starting the week of August 24, 2020, UD's Counseling Services will be facilitated through the Smeltzer-Kelly Student Health Center, 1994 Grace Street, on the University's campus. 

*** Please be advised that email is not considered a secure form of communication; confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if you forward information of an urgent nature. UD's Counseling Services staff only monitor and respond to email during regular office hours. 

Additional Contact Information/Resources

Visit the Counseling & Life Service Comprehensive Moodle Page 

Students are encouraged to log into Moodle and visit the Counseling & Life Services page, found within their available "My Course" listing. This comprehensive page provides a wealth of resources organized by topic.

Visit the Veterans Resource Comprehensive Moodle Page

Students who are Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces are encouraged to log into Moodle and visit the Veterans Resource page, found within their available "My Course" listing. This comprehensive page provides a wealth of resources organized by topic. 

2020-2021 Office Information Below

  • May-term professional development course for May 2021
  • Mission & Goals 
  • Unit Advisory Committee
  • Unit Participation

2021 May Term Course, facilitated by UD's Counseling & Life Services

  • PRF 281: Adult Brain Health Training (3 credits)

UD's Counseling & Life Services


The mission of Counseling & Life Services is to provide a safe and confidential environment for the UD community, which supports lifelong learning and educational success to better assist in reaching personal and career goals.

  1. Implement appropriate referral services that support the recruitment and retention of students.
  2. Promote overall mental health and well-being for the UD community.
  3. Provide programs within the service that support academic success.
  4. Promote activities that increase awareness of intervention and prevention services.
  5. Provide quality programs and services with standards of professional practice and ethical conduct.

Office Advisory Committee 

The Counseling & Life Services Advisory Committee members represent the following: UD student body, faculty, staff, International Student Services, Multicultural Student Engagement, Residence Life, Amani Community Services, Hillcrest Family Services, Riverview Center, Waypoint Services, and Substance Abuse Services Center.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact Dr. Amy Baus, Dr. Andrew Simcox, or Dr. Ann Simcox for further details. Each committee member is asked to serve for a three-year term. UD students are welcome to serve as guests, if they cannot commit to a three-year term.  

2020-2021 Relevant Participating Committees/Conferences/Memberships/Teams

  • American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Counseling Services Advisory Committee
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Midwest Association for Students and Teachers of Psychology (MISTOP - annual)
  • National Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology (NITOP - annual)
  • Small College Counseling Consortium for the State of Iowa
  • Tri-State Undergraduate Psychology Conference (annual)
  • UD Counseling Team
  • UD Cares Team 

Counseling and Life Services Current Policy and Procedure Manual