Programs & Services

Life Services promotes the following student activities, events, programming, and services throughout the academic year. Please contact the office for further details:

  • Ally Training in collaboration with the PROUD student organization 
  • Mental Health First Aid Training in collaboration with the Active Minds student organization
  • Resources for on-campus and/or off-campus programs and services
  • Don't Cancel Class Program on topical areas of Life Services
  • Professional Development Forum entitled Navigating Similarities and Differences in collaboration with the Future Young Professionals student organization, to promote education, safety and cross-cultural competencies 
  • Wellness initiatives to enhance the following six dimensions: cultural, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual.  

UD Cares


The UD Cares mission compliments the University of Dubuque's mission. The team offers a supportive and encouraging partnership with students by linking them with appropriate resources that will allow them the opportunities to overcome barriers on their path to success as they pursue their educational goals.

What is UD Cares? 

UD Cares is an early alert initiative composed of professionals from various areas of campus life who deal with students on a regular basis: Academic Support, Academic Affairs, Athletics, Finance, Security, and Student Life. The team offers support and assistance with immediate issues. All concerns remain confidential.

Referrals are made from faculty, staff, parents, other students, or from the students themselves. Concerns may be sent via e-mail to Mike Durnin, Dean of Student Formation, at or 563.589.3270.  

Why contact UD Cares? 

The team may address the following issues of concern: 
  • Comprehensive/comprehension problems which may affect academic performance
  • Class attendance
  • Physical concerns
  • Difficulty with class participation
  • Emotional needs
  • Academic concerns
  • Time management
  • Roommate concerns
  • Uncertainty about a major
  • Difficulties in dealing with specific offices, faculty, or staff
  • Suggestions or complaints dealing with individuals/systems
  • Other