Parent Resources and Information

Living on Campus

There is a lot of excitement associated with living on campus. Your student is probably ready for the independence that comes along with being a college student. Below are some resources with helpful information as you prepare for your child to move away from home and join the Spartan community.

  • Residence Halls- Curious about the various types of residence halls on campus?
  • Packing List- What does your student need to bring to campus and what should be left at home? Check out what's included in the rooms and what to pack to make UD your student's new home.
  • Want to send some mail or a care package to your student? 
    • Packages must be addressed as follows: 
      (Your Name) 
      University of Dubuque 
      2000 University Avenue 
      CPO# ___________
      Dubuque, IA 52001-5099 
  • Parking- Will your student be bringing a car to campus? Find out all the necessary information about parking on campus.
  • Meal Plan- Don't worry, we didn't forget about the food. Follow the link for more information about meal plans and dining options.

Special Groups

The University of Dubuque prides itself on being a very diverse campus. We have a large population of international students, domestic students from all parts of the country, a large number of veterans, a healthy ROTC program, and a character initiative program. For more information about these various groups, click the links below.

Medical & Security

Wondering what vaccinations your student should have prior to move-in or where they will go to the doctor if they get sick this fall? No need to worry, the below links will help make sure you are aware of any medical needs.

Student safety is also a top concern. Click here for more information on the campus safety mission and safety services available on campus.


Many students are looking forward to getting involved when they arrive on campus. Here at UD, there are a number of ways for students to connect to the campus community. Below is  additional information on clubs and organizations, intramurals, and intercollegiate athletics. There really is something for everyone!

Campus Services

Being a part of the Spartan community is something special.  We work really hard to make sure all students are getting the most out of their time here. Below are links to some additional services you and your student may be interested in.

  • Campus Ministry- Interested in finding out more about the faith services on campus? Check out Campus Ministry.
  • Counseling Services- We understand that coming to college comes with a number of emotions, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Because of that, we have Counseling Services available on campus. 
  • Vocation & Civic Engagement Center- Is your student unsure about their major? Or what they want to do for a future career? Our campus Vocation & Civic Engagement Center can help your student navigate those tough questions.
  • Library- Also known as the campus hub, the Library has tons of items available for students to check out. Board games, movies, umbrellas, and of course books! The Library can also assist students with their research needs.
  • Academic Success Center- Some students are nervous about taking their first college level class. Or they may feel like they need additional academic support in certain classes. The Academic Success Center has a number of professional and peer staff tutors to help ease the transition and to increase comprehension in various subject areas.
  • Financial Planning- If you have questions about financial aid, scholarships, or work study Student Financial Planning in the place to go.


  • Babka Bookstore- The Babka Bookstore makes getting textbooks really easy! Check out their website for more information about reserving your textbooks today.
  • Transfer Credits- Did you take AP classes in high school? Those credits can easily be transfered to the University of Dubuque by completing the form.
  • Academic Calendar- Are you curious about breaks and important academic deadlines. The Academic Calendar has all the important dates you will want to know.
  • Advising- Each student will be assigned an academic advisor. This person will help with class scheduling and direction during their time at UD.
  • FERPA Release- Your student is now viewed as an adult and has choices on the level of involvement of their parents or guardian in their academics. The university is also regulated by the federal government in what information we can release regarding your students' academics. Look here for more information about FERPA regulations and what rights you have as a parent or guardian.
  • Core Curriculum- Want to know more about what general education courses are required? Check out the information about the Core Curriculum to learn more.