On behalf of UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services, we wish to thank you for your interest in connecting with UD students. We offer several opportunities throughout the academic year designed to connect you with students. We look forward to working with you.

Post jobs or internships on UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services website and Access Dubuque

Employers can post their available job and internship positions on UD's website at no cost. 

To post your job or internship, send your information to Career@dbq.edu or call 563.589.3132 or 563.589.3167

Local employers are encouraged to review Access Dubuque, which provides an opportunity to share job and internship postings. UD's website is linked to the Access Dubuque website. To learn more visit: http://jobs.accessdubuque.com/

Area Collegiate Partnerships


Employers may find value in hosting their own open house event for area students to promote internships and employment opportunities.  For additional information, please contact Ellen Carr, Associate Director of Vocation & Civic Engagement Services, to review cost for sponsorship, date, time, and place of the event.  ecarr@dbq.edu or 563.589.3167  

Participate in the Mock Interview Program   

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services extends opportunity and collaborates with academic departments to require students to engage in the Mock Interview Program through their enrolled coursework. Students engaged in the program are 3rd and 4th year undergraduate student, as well as graduate students.  

Local and regional professionals and retirees assist to facilitate the interviews. 

This is a helpful program for students to develop their interview skills and receive a critique of their resume & cover letter. Also, this program serves as a healthy means of networking for students within their field of interest. 

For more information on the Mock Interview Program or if interested in serving as a mock interviewer, please contact Ellen Carr, MBA, Associate Director of Vocation & Civic Engagement Services, to review dates and times available on the UD campus. ecarr@dbq.edu  or 563.589.3167


Host an employer site visit

An employer site visit is your opportunity to promote your organization and highlight your employees while educating students about various career opportunities. Generally site visits last between 1 to 1.5 hours.   

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services welcomes the opportunity to collaborate these site visits through our Professional Skills Development coursework, which is offered during the Fall and Spring terms, as well as the May term. 

Please contact Dr. Amy Baus abaus@dbq.edu 563.589.3132 or Ellen Carr, ecarr@dbq.edu 563.589.3167 to review the course and this opportunity. 


Connect with Students thru the Career Mentors Program 

The objective of this program is to engage undergraduate students in discussions with mentors whom have similar interests in career fields. Mentors can be key for the college student experience. 

Please contact Dr. Amy Baus, for more information and opportunities throughout the academic year abaus@dbq.edu  563.589.3132

Schedule an on-campus informational table

Employers and graduate/professional school representatives interested in connecting with students on campus may want to consider setting up an informational booth. Similar in format to a career fair setting without the career fair, informational booths can be formal or informal based on the employer.

Please contact UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services in advance if considering hosting a booth, informational session, or scheduling on-campus interviews Career@dbq.edu or call 563.589.3132 or 563.589.3167

Develop internship opportunities for students   

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services actively consults with employers/ representatives regarding internship opportunities for students. We welcome dialogue with your organization to review your needs and the benefits of developing internship opportunities for students.

Please contact Dr. Amy Baus ABaus@dbq.edu 563.589.3132 (or) Ellen Carr, 563.589.3167 to review the Internship Program.  

Engage in the Informational Interview Program

An innovative program for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students. The program is coordinated by UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services and collaborated with professionals/retirees and academic departments to assist students in their pathways to a meaningful vocation. Students interview the professional/retiree about their vocational journey within the Center for Advising & Vocation during assigned class time. Structured questions are provided to students in advance by UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services to stimulate dialogue.    

For more information, please contact UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Career@dbq.edu or call 563.589.3132 or 563.589.3167  

Participate in the Iowa College Recruiting Network (ICoRN)  

Connect with students from private Iowa Colleges in one place!

To learn more about ICoRN Download ICoRN Brochure Information

To learn more information about upcoming recruiting events and registration, go to: http://www.recruitiowagrads.com

If you prefer, please contact UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Career@dbq.edu or call 563.589.3132  or 563.589.3167

Connect with the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation

The University of Dubuque, Loras College, Clarke University, and Northeast Iowa Community College collaborate on-campus events with the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation (GDDC), all in an effort to connect current students with local leaders and employers.  

Please contact Kristin Dietzel, Vice President of Workforce Solutions at: 563.557.9049 or kristind@greaterdubuque.org  

As the Vice President of Workforce Operations, Kristin Dietzel, is in charge of the Greater Dubuque Development Workforce recruitment campaign. This includes working closely with local human resource representatives and our local higher education institutions to promote the http://jobs.accessdubuque.com/ web site. She also promotes Greater Dubuque as a Destination for Opportunity to job seekers and local employers  http://www.greaterdubuque.org/

If you did not see an option available for you above, please contact UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services at 563.589.3132 or 563.589.3167; email at Career@dbq.edu.